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Implementation of the official concept art drawing by Michael Kirkbride.

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This is an implementation of the official concept art drawing by Michael Kirkbride. There are some theories floating around about what this was supposed to be (maybe an insect hive of some sort, or a Telvanni tower ruled by dust adepts) but nobody knows.

What mattered to us, was that the addition would feel as natural and believable as possible.
In our version, it's a structure of unknown origin known as “Baan Binif”, which roughly translates to "black growth".

Some say it's cursed, for people have been known to enter it and never come back. For the mabrigash, and the ashlanders in general, it's a blessing. The distinctive shape of Baan Binif has helped them navigate the inhospitable ashlands for generations and provides shelter should one get caught in the middle of an ash storm. Inside, in the pitch-black darkness, a tree grows from the ashes. At the base of the tree, ashlanders leave trinkets and ritual items as they consider it a sacred place.

- a new imposing landmark to be seen from far across the Ashlands

- a new dungeon for you to explore, with lots of verticality

- three new quests for you to embark upon, all designed to flesh out the background of Baan Binif and the Mabrigash currently occupying the place

- even more unique dialogue to better blend Baan Binif into the game world

- a few unique items for you to find

The Hive Mind
To build a Hive you need a Hive Mind:

RandomPal - Exterior work, Interior design, Quest design
seelof - Dungeon design, Quest design
Vegetto - Asset creation
PikachunoTM - Asset creation, Scripting
Lucevar - Quest design

Should be compatible with pretty much everything.
Note: it's also compatible with Bal'laku - The Lonely Towers.


RR Team: unique meshes and textures for the entire structure
Alice: for her The Mystery of the Ghost Snake mod that we merged and tweaked
AnrohaNexus: concept art chitin club
Merlord and ravernorror/drakonic: tent model
Kalinter: for his mod Bal'laku - The Lonely Towers, which we used as a base and inspiration for some of the interiors
OAAB team, TR team, RR team: for the assets