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Causes the body of Seyda Neen's lost taxman, Processus Vitellius, to decompose from a fresh corpse at the beginning of the game to a skeleton after a few days and cleans up the body when his murder is reported to the authorities.

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Decomposition of a Taxman

Death of a Taxman, the quest to solve the disappearance of Seyda Neen's missing tax collector Processus Vitellius, is no doubt one of the first quests most Morrowind players complete. And yet, even after the mystery is solved, poor Vitellius is left there to rot. Perhaps it is his spirit, aghast by this disrespectful treatment, which keeps his body from actually rotting. Decomposition of a Taxman corrects all of this, causing the body of Vitellius to decay from a fresh corpse to a exsanguinated body and finally to a skeleton half sunken in the muck. When the player alerts the authorities to this crime, they will collect the remains and prepare them for transport back to Cyrodiil in accordance with the deceased's faith and wishes.