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Comprehensive modern day implementation of necromancy, using Skill Module, Magicka Expanded and Crafting Framework. Includes game mechanics overhaul, new quests and mysteries to solve, allowing to fully experience being the practicioner of a forbidden art of necromancy.

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There has always been a weird  contradiction between Morrowind lore and gameplay, regarding necromancy. In Lore it's a forbidden art of raising undead minions from corpses, a special and distinct way to practice conjuration. Gameplay-wise, however, all that the player can do is temporally summon undead creatures, same way as daedra. And while for daedra this mechanics makes sense, it's not the case with undead. There have been multiple attempts to introduce propper necromancy in Morrowind but none of them fully satisfied me. And none of them used the awesome power of MWSE lua scripting. And so I present you Necrocraft - A Comprehensive Necromancy Gameplay And Quests Mod.


This mod is a modern day implementation of necromancy the way it's represented in lore. With the help of such lua frameworks as Skill Module, Magicka Expanded and Crafting Framework Necrocraft seamlessly integrates new mechanics in game and overhauls the existent ones as well as provides new spells, quests and mysteries to solve, allowing to fully experience being the practicioner of a forbidden art of necromancy. Here are some of the features of the mod:

  • Corpse Preparation. Corpse Preparation is a new skill governing your abilities to harvest bones and craft undead minions. To learn it you should read the three self-titled tomes. After aquiring the skill, you get new options for Dispose Corpse button. Press Left Alt, while investigating the corpse, to switch it between Harvest Bones, Prepare Corpse and its default functionality. Additionally, you unlock the ability to steal bones from Ash Pits in temple and tombs. This mechanics is naturally compatible with Graphic Herbalism.
  • Minion Crafting. Equip a bone to open crafting menu for skeletons and boneconstructs. Or press Prepare Corpse, while investigating a corpse, to open crafting menu for corpses. You can carry crafted bonepiles in your inventory and then place them in the world when you want to raise a minion. You can move prepared corpse using the positioning mechanics from Crafting Framework.
  • Undead Raising. There are three new magic effects related to raising undead: Raise Skeleton, Raise Boneconstruct and Raise Corpse. The stronger the spell the more powerfull undead can be raised with it. Cast a spell on a prepared corpse or bonepile. The process of undead raising is fully immersive and uses vanilla and Antares animations to provide eye candy. You can learn the spells from grimoires in lairs of dark wisards or directly from other Necromancers.
  • Necromancers. Morrowind's necromancers aren't part of a united faction or a cult. Instead they are distinct individuals with their own purposes and agendas who can have  in common only the passion and talent for the dark arts. Each of them can be persuaded to be your mentor and teach you spells. Some of them will have necromancy-related quests for you with unique rewards.
  • Forbidden Practice. Necromancy is forbidden in Morrowind. Guards will attack your minions on sight and every act of casting necromantic spells, harvesting bones or preparing corpses will put a huge bounty on your head if seen. Guards will attack your undead minions on sight, unless you find a way hide them somehow.
  • Summon Undead Overhaul. Optional features, enabled by default. Summon undead effects are overhauled to summon one of the previously created minions. Only necromancers use them and other npcs have these spells replaced with daedra summons, corresponding to necromancy been forbidden. Some npcs in the Mages Guild can still taught you undead summons, but don't use them themselves.
  • AI Integration. You are not the only one who can take advantage of the new mechanics. Necromancers, Liches and Bonelords can now prepare and raise corpses in battle and even raise the ones you prepared if you are not quick enough about it. This makes them a more distinct and dangerous enemies.
  • Lichdom. The pinacle of necromantic mastery - ability to transform oneself into a lich - an immortal creature of immense power who can restore itself even after the complete destruction of the body. How to become a lich it is a mystery intertwined with the other content of the mod.  Only through extreme dedication, mastery in multiple relevant skills, creative use of necromantic spells and other abilities one can decipher the ritual and achieve means to perform it.