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Vanilla friendly creatures and undeads expansion mod based on some of the great old creatures mods, TR_data and OAAB_Data

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin
This mod takes inspiration from many other creature mods: Triangletooth Ecology Mod, Creatures XI, The Undead and Antares's arise from death to add some new creatures and make AI tweakes meant to improve gameplay and immersion. 
It also works as a TR_data and OAAB_data creatures integration mod.

What's actually new here?

New creatures

- Dark Seducer (from TR_Data)
- Xivilai (from TR_Data)
- Herne (from OAAB_data)
- Wraith
- Devourer (from an early Hunger concept)
- Spiders (vanilla has web spiders as statics, so we can assume there's spiders)
- Cephalopod and some new fishes (from TR_data)
- Some new beetles (from TR_Data)
- Vermai (from TR_Data)
- Some new dwemer creatures. I think here some creativity can work. Still, there's no uber-creative stuff
- Riekling variants and the ability to knock-off mounted rieklings
- Some draugr variants
- Land dreugh (from OAAB_data)
- Dremora variants
- Necromancers
- Weaponized dwemer ghosts and female variants of dwemer ghosts (OAAB_data)
- Shalk and Guar herders
- Baby variants of many creatures (guars, nix-hounds ecc)
- Unique models for many creatures with a unique ID

New mechanics

- Predatorial simulation
- AI tweaks: apart from predators and cliff racers, most creatures are passive unless you get too close
- Some creatures can spawn at random scale and their aggression level is related to their size (a small rat is more likely to flee while a bigger rat is going to be more aggressive, for instance)
- Some undead are "revenants" and can arise from death and fight again
- Some skeletons have a new death animation where they will break into pieces while falling down
- Dead adventures in tombs and ruins

Regarding the design of the new creatures
The new additions are meant to fit in with the original game. This means there's no 2k, reflective, high poly stuff.

Balance and compatibility
As I had to edit many creatures and compatibility was going to be a problem, I decided to align my edits with Mort’s rebalance mods (they are way to logical to be skipped and you should really use them).

This means the three following mods are highly recommended as otherwise balance is not going to be very consistent.

Beware the Sixth House
Tribunal Rebalance
Bloodmoon Rebalance

Apart from this, the mod is compatible with pretty much everything. 

Lastly, a couple of optional esp files

  • 01 Glowing Netch and Netch Betty: this will make netch and netch betty emit a bit of light. It's a feature from Creatures XI that I didn't 100% agree with but didn't want to simply remove either;
  • 02 Daedric creatures use bound equipment: this is a rebalance change featured in some rebalance mods like BTBGI and it goes a long way to reduce the crazy amount of gold you get by looting dremoras and golden saints. This also convers creatures from TR_data and OAAB since they've been integrated;
  • 02 As an alternative, there's a version that handles this differently. Thanks to a neat script by RogiVagel, daderas are still going to use all the various weapons they use in vanilla, but there's a chance the weapon will be removed on death. At lower levels, the weapons are very likely to be removed but the drop rate gets higher and higher as you level up;
  • 03 Summons have 0 souls: another change that I didn't want to include in the base esp. Removing the ability to soultrap summons prevents you from abusing enchanting.

Suggested mods to use alongside this one:

Ghost revenge: little immersive mod
Corprus natives: recommended as I consider it to be a needed fix

TriangleToogh: scome scrips
Piratelord: Creaturex XI
Antares: Undead - Arise from Death
Melchior Dahrk: some resources and ideas
Grond1911: Dragur Diversity
Yar-Yulme: Bloodmoon creatures
Manauser: Riekling knock-off
R0: some resources
Stripes: centurion bomber
Autolock: centurion bombers
Neoptolemus: some models from The Undead and Unique Creatures
Ruffinvangarr: horned scrib retexture, playtesting and suggestions
Leyawynn: Golden Saint Variety
Ignis-of-Vinheim: Dremora Overha
natinnet: Sixth House Weapons