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Lore-friendly, atmospheric enhancements to many Balmora interiors, to reflect the personality and social status of their owners, make them feel lived in and in some cases, to give NPCs somewhere to sleep!

Permissions and credits


The mod uses some furnishings from both expansions. It's designed to work with a few other mods, but it's not dependant on them.


Many of the houses and shops in Balmora are very generic, and don't reflect the personality and social status of their owners (or any personality at all). Moreover, with Children of Morrowind running, many children have no place to sleep in their assigned "parent"s house. This mod adds extra detail and clutter to nine Balmora interiors (see the Details section below for more precise lists of what I've changed), making them more interesting to visit (and in some cases, a little more profitable to the skilled thief - although I've been careful not to include anything unbalancing).

Homes actually feel lived in now. Everything I've added has a reason to exist - but I leave the interpretation to your imagination. Enjoy!

It uses entirely vanilla resources, and won't overwrite any resources you have installed or invalidate your save games.

The mod has been cleaned with Enchanted Editor, and shouldn't need to be re-cleaned.


Changes were made to the following 21 cells:

Balmora, Astius Hanotepelus' House
Balmora, Balyn Omarel's House
Balmora, Clagius Clanler: Outfitter
Balmora, Dorisa Darvel: Bookseller
Balmora, Dralasa Nithryon: Pawnbroker
Balmora, Dralcea Arethi's House
Balmora, Dralosa Athren's House
Balmora, Draryne Thelas's House
Balmora, Fast Eddie's House
Balmora, Hecerinde's House
Balmora, Hlaalu Council Manor
Balmora, Nalcarya of White Haven
Balmora, Nine Toes' House
Balmora, Rarayn Radarys' House
Balmora, Ra'Virr: Trader
Balmora, Tsiya's House
Balmora, Tyermaillin's House
Balmora, Vorar Helas' House
Balmora, Vori's House
Balmora, West Gash Region, -2,-2 
Balmora, West Gash Region, -3,-2 

Balmora exterior cells: Nothing has been added to these cells; they're marked as changed only because I had to move door markers so that the player isn't stuck on the new furniture.

The mod also adds one book object and changes the path grid for 5 cells to accomodate the changes.

I haven't changed any of the taverns in Balmora. Instead, I recommend the following mods:

South Wall, Den of Iniquity by Balastruthius
The Seedy Plates by Von Django
Lucky Lockup Additions by Midgetalien
Balmora Guilds Expanded by me

Epic Balmora - There's a very, very minor issue, in that Epic Balmora adds a keg where I add a bed in Astius Hanotepelus's House. This is easy to solve - just bring up the console, click on the keg, type Disable and hit enter.

Other than that, no conflicts that I'm aware of. Any mod that edits any of the same cells as this one have the possibility of conflicting, but in practice I don't know of any that do.

If you find a mod that conflicts, please let me know so I can update this and create a patch. You can also easily delete the conflicting cell from my mod in Enchanted Editor.

Particular Notes:

Should be loaded before any lighting mods such as TLM, so that their ambient lighting changes can take effect. I've cleaned this mod of the automatic ambience changes the CS makes, but it's still a good idea to load this earlier just in case.

Compatible with Children of Morrowind (it was made as a companion mod of sorts, although it doesn't require COM) - Clagius Clanler, Tsiya and Dralcea Arethi's children
now have beds to sleep in.

Compatible with Morrowind Rebirth - my changes were designed with Rebirth in mind, so there should be no conflicts.

Compatible with Nemon's Balmora Interiorator - we only touch two of the same cells, and even then, we edit completely different parts of the building. You could run the two together for an even more complete Balmora interior overhaul :)

Compatible with Holidays Across Tamriel