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This mod rebuilds and expands the Gnisis Eggmine complex from scratch, which includes the Eggmine, the Lower Eggmine, the Underground Stream, and Bethamez. It also adds a quest, which asks the player to investigate the origins of the tremors that have been plaguing the eggmine ever since the Dwemer ruin was uncovered. Features actual earth quakes!

Permissions and credits
  • Polish
  • Italian

Description & Features

Of Eggs and Dwarves rebuilds the Gnisis Eggmine complex from scratch to turn the dungeon into an entirely new experience. Features include:

  • A vastly expanded dungeon design to make for some epic vistas as well as to encourge exploration. Bethamez is no longer a stinky tiny room, but a sprawling facility with hidden secrets and special loot to be uncovered!
  • Use of OAAB's Kwama cave pieces and more for a completely new and more immersive look and feel
  • A new quest: Ever since the miners uncovered the Dwemer ruin of Bethamez the eggmine has been shaken by earth quakes. Talk to Hetman Abelmawia in Gnisis and he will send you to investigate the origins of the tremors.
  • Actual earth quakes that increase in frequency and intensity the more you progress through the dungeon! (Check out the video below for a quick showcase; both regular Morrowind and OpenMW are supported)
  • And of course: lots and lots of verticality!

Installation/ Requirements

The mod comes in two versions: one for regular Morrowind with MWSE, and one for OpenMW. Be sure to pick the version that applies to your install. Then unpack the mod to your Data Files folder.

Both versions require OAAB_Data.

The camera shaking effect in this mod is optional and will be automatically enabled, if you are using the latest developement builds of either MWSE or OpenMW.

For MWSE users:

The latest MWSE development builds can be found here:
If you are on an older version, you can update by running the MWSE-Update.exe program.

For OpenMW users:

The latest OpenMW development builds can be found here:
Don't forget to enable the "Of Eggs and Dwarves.omwscripts" file in the OpenMW launcher.


I sense the question will come up, so yes, this mod is compatible with BCOM, provided you install the patch that I included in the mod archive. Just drop the .esp in your Data Files folder and make sure it loads after both Of Eggs and Dwarves and BCOM (it should automatically). The patch will move the door marker in the exterior to where BCOM has placed the entrance to the mine.

If you are using another mod that edits Gnisis, pay attention to whether it moves the mine entrance around. If it doesn't, you won't need a patch. If it moves the entrance to the same location that BCOM does, then the included patch will work for you. If the entrance is in a completely different place, leave me a comment and I might add another patch.

Beyond that you must know that the mod edits the following cells:

- Gnisis, Eggmine
- Gnisis, Lower Eggmine
- Gnisis, Underground Stream
- Gnisis, Bethamez

If another mod makes edits to one or more of those cells, there may be conflicts depending on what that mod does. It is safe to assume that Bethamez Reborn by Rubberman is not compatible.

There is now a patch for Suran Underworld. Suran Underworld adds a door to Bethamez that you won't be able to access with this mod. The patch fixes that. It's quite crude and it looks weird, but it does work. 

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Special Thanks

Greatness7 for making the earth quakes happen for both MWSE and OpenMW! And all in a day's work. Incredible!

Melchior Dahrk for coming up with the quest idea and providing the quest outline as well as helping out with some scripting issues.

A Raven of Many Hats for the amazing title banner. Again!

Axeljk for optimizing some of the GDR assets to achieve better FPS (with Darknut's permission).


A few Dwemer assets (most notably some platforms and a huge pipe) were taken from Greater Dwemer Ruins by Darknut

Dwemer Quarterstaff was taken from Nif Resources by YarYulme

The earth quake sound effect and dust particles were made by R0.

Unique Dwemer helmet was taken from Dwemer and Daedric Alternatives by Danke.