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Adds bell towers to several settlements that ring at dawn, midday, and dusk.

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Adds belltowers to several towns that chime at dawn, midday, and dusk.

Bell Towers of Vvardenfell Directional Sound for OpenMW
DetailDevil has made an update that adds directional sound for OpenMW users, I strongly suggest using their update if you are on that engine.


Vanilla and BCOM compatible version available, pick one. Vanilla has zero requirements, BCOM version requires TR and OAAB.

Vanilla and White Suran Temple compatible version available, pick one. If you are just using White Suran without the temple addon the Vanilla version is fine. Requires TR and OAAB.

Sadrith Mora

Is built upon and is a replacement for the Sadrith Mora part of my Telvanni Beacon Mushroom Caps mod. Don't use both. Requires OAAB.

Gnaar Mok
Requires OAAB Data.

Assets used/Credits

Tamriel Data- the Ebon bell and its chiming sound, both edited.
Hlaalu Large Tower Resource - Balmora Hightown tower tops.
Investigations at Tel Eurus -Lighthouse mushroom and rootspiral.
Eldax on the MMC Discord for the new script, ActuallyUlysses for investigating the issue and bringing me the solution when I couldn't figure it out.