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Expands and redecorates the interiors of the Balmora mages and fighters guild (as well as minor changes to the Temple). Also adds new quests, NPCs, and dialogue. Now with OAAB.

Permissions and credits

* Expands and OAABifies three interiors in Balmora
* New quests
* New NPCs with unique dialogue
* Noticeboards that point you to new and vanilla quests

Expands the Balmora Mages Guild
  • General OAAB overhaul - including some new de_m furniture
  • A new private quarters, where all regular guild members now have bedrooms
  • Ranis gets her own quarters too - but watch out, she's paranoid
  • What's a mage's home without books? The guild now has a half-decent library.
  • A training area (protected by shield spells to prevent idiot young mages from burning the guildhall down, naturally)
  • A spare bed the player can use - although you'll have to share with Ajira and Sharn
  • A caretaker who keeps things clean
  • A mysterious happening in the Mages Guild - was it stupidity, malice, or a Telvanni spy?

Expands the Balmora Fighters Guild
  • General OAAB overhaul
  • Adds a kitchen and bar area, complete with an Orcish chef. Non-guild-members, vegetarians, and those of delicate palette need not apply.
  • Adds rooms for the regulars
  • Wayn's shop in the entryway now does a much better job of advertising his wares.
  • Three new NPCs; one has a quest for you, one will comment on some vanilla FG quests.

Expands the Balmora Temple
  • The Temple now has a small reading room, where Sundas classes for children and adult literacy classes take place.
  • Two new NPCs with unique dialogue

New Quests
  • Help a desperate Argonian find her missing brother - ask for Marsh-Axe at the Fighter's Guild
  • Help resolve a property dispute between Ajira and Galbedir
  • Unique (if not extensive) dialogue for all the new npcs

  • Incompatible with BCOM, because RandomPal included an older version of this mod (and then edited it substantially) 
  • They are compatible if you delete the cells "Balmora, Guild of Fighters" and "Balmora, Guild of Mages" from Beautiful Cities of Morrowind.esp using a tool like Enchanted Editor or tes3cmd.
  • I've included a .bat script that will automate this process, please see the included readme for details
  • If you use MO2:
  • I use BCOM myself and recommend using them together, as long as you do the above step ^
  • Other mods that overhaul the guilds in Balmora are likely to be incompatible.
  • Runspect, for the globe in the Mages Guild library
  • Silveri, for the fireplace assets.
  • The OAAB team for a lot of the other assets
  • Pherim, Remiros, modgecko, Dragon32: bug reports
  • Danae: feature suggestions
If I've missed anyone out, please send me a PM or a message on Discord. It definitely isn't intentional!

Changelog (spoilers ahoy!)
- Galbedir will now correctly charge you for the certificate of ownership
- Fixed a potential infinite loop in Galbedir's dialogue if you chose not to buy Ajira
- Fixed a mismatched quotes error in some of Brothes Oran's choices
- Added some quest commentary to the Orc chef
- Added locks, traps, and proper ownership to Ranis's room
- Added compatibility script for BCOM (thanks Qualia!)

- Overhauled the interiors using OAAB assets
- Fighters Guild: loaves of bread now respawn, but are only available early in the morning
- Fighters Guild: you can only ask for a good meal once a day
- Removed a number of loose assets (Stuporstar's Books of Vvardenfell, Runspect's sink, loch's deck of cards) which didn't quite fit aesthetically, or which have been replaced by OAAB assets
- Mages Guild: added ownership where necessary
- Storeroom key now available 
- Fixed issues where the Mages Guild library lending (aka "taking") rules didn't match what you were allowed to do in game (aka what ownership allowed). 
- Added the Property Dispute quest
- Significant additions to the Wuleen-Shei quest. You can now complete it, for one. Probably hundreds of lines of dialogue added.
- You can now negotiate with Brothes Oran for Wuleen-Shei (and the other slaves)
- You can now help Wuleen-Shei escape via a scroll of divine intervention. 
- You now get proper rewards for the Wuleen-Shei quest.
- Lots of general script fixes
- Lots of esp and dialogue cleaning. 
- Added a walkthrough

- Added significantly more dialogue and roleplay options
- The quest is now completable (hindsight from 2.0: if you squint)
- Added ownership to a number of items in the fighters guild.

- Initial release