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Expands and redecorates the interiors of the Balmora mages and fighters guild (as well as minor changes to the Temple).

Permissions and credits

  • Expands the Balmora Mages Guild
  1. A new private quarters, where all regular guild members now have bedrooms
  2. What's a mage's home without books? The guild now has a half-decent library.
  3. A training area (protected by shield spells to prevent idiot young mages from burning the guildhall down, naturally)
  4. A spare bed the player can use
  5. A caretaker who'll give members of the guild a good meal
  • Expands the Balmora Fighters Guild
  1. Adds a kitchen and bar area, complete with an Orcish chef. Non-guild-members, vegetarians, and those of delicate palette need not apply.
  2. Adds rooms for the regulars
  3. Wayn's shop in the entryway now does a much better job of advertising his wares.
  • Expands the Balmora Temple
  1. The Temple now has a small reading room, where Sundas classes for children and adult literacy classes take place.
  • Help a desperate Argonian find her missing brother
  • Investigate a mysterious happening in the Mages Guild - was it stupidity, malice, or a Telvanni spy?
  • Unique (if not extensive) dialogue for all the new npcs

  • Stuporstar, for some of the beautiful books I use in this.
  • Runspect, for a number of the domestic clutter meshes.
  • Silveri, for the fireplace assets.
If I've missed anyone out, please send me a PM or a message on Discord. It definitely isn't intentional!