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Ashu-awa, an Ashlander hunter, undertakes a regular journey between Suran and Pelagiad on her trusty Silt Skiff, selling the spoils of her hunts and the potions and crafted items she has to offer. Her journey commences in Suran, where she docks in the afternoon. Come the next morning, she sets off once again, continuing her voyage towards Pelagiad

Permissions and credits

- fixed a door at Dren Plantation
- fixed minor clipping at Dirara's farm
- compatible with BCoM


This mod expands on the Suran Silt Skiff experience.

Ashu-awa's journey takes her to various locations along the river, allowing you to trade with her at different spots throughout the month. Here's her schedule:
  • 1st day of the month: Suran
  • 4th: Ules Farm
  • 7th: Dirara's Farm
  • 10th: Arano's Farm
  • 13th: Manat Farm
  • 16th: Dren Plantation
  • 19th: Balur Farm
  • 22nd: Ules Farm

Her inventory has been revamped, and she now carries ingredients, potions, and Ashlander items. Additionally, her wares will respawn after a certain period, ensuring a steady supply for eager adventurers.

Ashu-awa has also expanded her dialogue about her trade, her skiff and the places she's at. If you interact with people in Suran and Dren Plantation, they will have comments to share about the skiff and its presence.

Finally, the Silt Skiff schedule has been added to Desele's, providing a helpful reference for those interested in encountering Ashu-awa along her journey.

  • Use your preferred mod manager or manually drop the content of the archive in your Data Files and enable Ashlander Silt Skiff.esp.
  • Make sure you also have OAAB_DATA.esm and Wares-base.esm enabled
  • Exclude this mod when generating distant land (MGE)
  • For the love of scribs merge your levelled lists and objects.

Please note that to prevent the skiff from appearing magically in front of the player, it will not appear if you are already in its cell. Spending the entire day at the docks won't trigger its arrival. This implementation ensures a more realistic experience.

Compatible with BCoM
NOT compatible with Morrowind Rebirth

Juidius for the original mod "Suran Silt SKiff" that includes the skiff exterior, skiff interior, mod concept, of course, and ashlander npc.
Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set.Ashlander Silf Skiff