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Mackom's heads replacer for Tamriel_Data and a few other mods.

Permissions and credits
Make various mods compatible with Mackom's heads. Ears have been removed, hair, accessories and percings have been fixed to avoid clipping with Mackom's heads. All new heads have been replaced as well, by mixing and tweaking the original ones made by Mackom and those made by Ivolga for her previous replacer. Those replacers are for :

Also included an upscaled version of TR new argonians heads textures (from 256x128 to 1024x512) and of TR hair textures (from 128px to 1k), as well as a Better Bodies replacer for the Reachman race.

Requirements :

This mod doesn't include the original Mackom's Heads and a replacer for vanilla hair, you will have to download them separately. In order to do that, you have to :

  • Install Galleo Races Redone Pluginless
  • (Optionnal) Install New Hair for Mackom's Head (personnal choice) or Modern hairs for MacKom if you prefer them over Westly's, that are included in Galleo Races Redone Pluginless
  • Install Mackom Humanoid Heads (required if you want to avoid color difference between my patches and Galleo Races Redone)
  • Install Better Bodies meshes for MacKoms heads Fixed Pluginless (required if you want to avoid color difference between my patches and Galleo Races Redone)
  • (Optionnal) If you want to keep vanilla argonians (or any other replacer) instead of Wey's Argonians (included in Galleo Races Redone Pluginless), delete all the files containing "argonian" in Galleo Races Redone Pluginless. Grab this and install argonians version only if you want Beast Bodies version for them.