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This mod replaces the 336 heads of Tamriel Rebuilt 20.02 by heads based on Mackom’s heads and adapts the 135 hair to them. Upscaled versions of argonians heads textures (that are not covered by Mackom’s heads) and of hair textures are also included.

Permissions and credits
I removed the ears of all TR hair and put rings, accessories and percings at the right place for Mackom’s heads, I tweaked the hair to avoid as much as possible clipping with ears and resized/moved them when it was necessary. For the heads I created new ones by merging mackom’s heads meshes and textures, and I also used the 30 dunmer faces textures made by Ivolga for her version of Mackom’s head TR mod. In addition, I created a few new textures based on Mackom’s and Ivolga’s.

You will also find included an upscaled version of TR new argonians heads textures (from 256x128 to 1024x512) and of TR hair textures (from 128p to 1k).

I have plans to make a new version with smoother rings and percings for hair and faces, depending if I have the time or not. Some work has also to be done to improve the matching between the original TR heads and the new ones.

Province Cyrodill isn't covered yet but it is planned, as well as well as OAAB and The White Wolf of the Lokken Mountain.

This mod does not replace vanilla hair but only those that are added by TR, for a vanilla hair replacer look at below.