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Large scale overhaul of Tel Aruhn and Yansirramus Shrine with complete OAAB integration, new quests, and a lot more. A mod submitted for the 2020 Morrowind Modding Madness competition.

Permissions and credits

Team Lazy Lame Corprus Stalkers
 is happy to introduce you to "Tel Aruhn Chronicles", our entry for the Morrowind Modding Madness 2020.

- Tel Aruhn overhaul with full OAAB_data integration for both interiors and exteriors
- Massive expansion of Tel Aruhn's Underground
- Unique dialogue for various NPCs in Tel Aruhn
- New quests
- Yansirramus shrine overhaul
- A new set of Telvanni Slaver armor by Ashtaar

Tamriel Data 
- OAAB Data
- works best with "Improved Animation Support" patch in the Morrowind Code Patch

What’s this?
For this year’s Morrowind Modding Madness we decided to do something CRAZY!
Instead of pursuing an overly ambitious project that we would never be able to finish/polish in time (a MMM tradition), we decided to use the opportunity and motivation provided by the Morrowind Modding Madness event to improve and expand two neglected locations:

1. Tel Aruhn
2. Yansirramus (it’s just a tiny daedric shrine. I’m not surprised you had trouble reading the name, let alone remembering what this place is)

So, since I like to talk about what I do in my mods, here’s my blabbing about what we did here and why ?
What’s there to improve or fix with Tel Aruhn?

The landscape
Once you reach the island where Tel Aruhn is built upon, you see a cliff and an underground tunnel you must traverse to get into the town

1. The cliff is so low you can just walk over it
2. You can just run around the island and get in from the other side as some pods are almost at water level.
Now, this might not sound like an issue itself, but what's the purpose of the gate/tunnel then? It seems as if Bethesda wanted to push for a more enclosed area, but they didn’t have the assets/resources to do it.

Just to clarify, this doesn’t make Tel Aruhn into a closed city of some sort but simply more enclosed by natural barriers.
The result is that Tel Aruhn feels more forbidding and since it’s placed higher, the view from the town is more open and prettier.

The slave market
This is a key feature of Tel Aruhn.
Tel Aruhn has the biggest slave market and is the only place in Morrowind where you can buy slaves and yet the whole thing feels under-developed.

The exterior of the slave market is just lazy with only two slave pods and the slave merchant standing there in the open, without any sort of cover or indication she’s even doing something there.

We expanded and cluttered the slave market to make it a bit more interesting and added more slaves for sale.
The inspiration for this part of the overhaul was this beautiful drawing.

The Underground
Tel Aruhn is one of the oldest settlements of Morrowind and the Underground is arguably its most unique feature and the most uninspired and unremarkable at the same time.

We expanded it and made it more interesting to explore. There’s now an underground bazaar, a shady tavern where travelers and slavers can relax, and more (but I don't want to spoil too much).

Gothren’s tower
We made the tower slightly bigger and taller (the city’s footprint doesn’t allow for a huge expansion) and reworked Gothren’s private quarters to make them more unique and suited to the big boss of House Telvanni.

Instead of some shelves with bottles, drums, and a lute (go check if you don’t believe me), the head of House Telvanni now has a proper enchanting and alchemy area and a small library. His throne room is now less poky, too. And, in true Telvanni style, you'll have to levitate to reach him.

New quests
There’s only a handful of quests that require you to go to Tel Aruhn, so we made more! Now that the place is interesting to explore, we thought there should be more content too.

Unique dialogue
We added hundreds of lines of new dialogue regarding various topics to almost everyone in Tel Aruhn to make NPCs feel more alive and connected to each other. 

General improvements and OAAB integration
We checked every interior to integrate new stuff from OAAB and see if there were logical improvements to be made.
Most changes are very subtle but a couple of them are worth mentioning:

- It's stated in dialogue that Emusette Braques resides at the Plot and Plaster, where she offers training, but the place doesn't have any room where she could stay. We avoided adding room rental functionality to avoid conflicts with mods that already do that like The Publicans and Improved Inns Expanded but we did add a room for Emusette Braques.

- Savile Imayn is presumably the richest slaver in the game and yet she doesn't even have a place to sleep. We added a manor for her, positioned in the least intrusive way we could.

What about Yansirramus?
We don’t want to tell you too much about this and spoil the dungeon crawl so let’s just say we made the place bigger (roughly 2.5x bigger) and more interesting to explore.
There’s actually more than one quest. Since both Tel Aruhn and Yansirramus are ancient and mysterious locations, it’s up to you to dig deep and find more. That being said, the main quest of the mod starts by asking about “latest rumors” in the Wolverine hall.

A bit cliché, I know. Our excuse for it is that we wanted to make something truly vanilla friendly. What’s more vanilla friendly than starting a quest line through the “latest rumors” topic? :P

Available patches
- GITD Telvanni dormers addon 
The patch has an alternative version for people using Sadrith Mora seat of power.
Works as an esp replacer

- Grass patches
There are versions for both Remiros and Aesthesia groundcover, with alternative versions for people using 
- Sadrith Mora - Seat of power 
- Sadrith Mora - Seat of power alongside Sheogorad Groves of the North 

All the patches provided here work as esp replacer for the original esp files.
This means you need to load the esp provided here instead of the original esp from the grass mod (ie load REM_AC_LLCS_TelAruhn.ESP INSTEAD of Rem_AC.esp).
The alternative versions meant to be used alongside SGOTN are exactly the same, but grass placed on Sheogorad has been deleted so you can use the esp provided by SGOTN (but only for the Sheogorad Region of course, for the rest of the AC use the esp packaged here).

Live free
 A little mod that improves the way slaves and slave markets work without changing too much (while I was at it, I also fixed a couple of bugs with this mod, mentioned in the comments section).
Works as an esp repalcer

- Well add-on for Ashfall
The well had to be moved a little bit
Works as an esp replacer

- Rise of House Telvanni
Two versions available:
1. A simple patch, meant to be used alongside the original esm
2. Patch for ROHT 2.0 by Mort: Works as an esp replacer, meant to be used alongside the original esm and instead of the esp from Mort's mod

This should be compatible with everything. As we already said, the locations touched by this mod have been neglected so far so mod conflicts are unlikely. 

This should be compatible with OpenMW too since there are no complex scripts or MWSE functionality.

Every new asset is free to use, apart from what's in the credits section: check permissions of the individual mods for that.
Team LazyLame Corprus Stalkers are:
RandomPal: interiors, exteriors, dialogue, quests
Vegetto: interiors, assets, textures
Lucevar: interiors, dialogue, quests, and quest lines planning
Nats482: dialogue
Brujoloco: textures

MD and the entire team behind OAAB: OAAB_data
TR team: TR_data
Vidi_acquam: “The Sitting Mod”
Ashstaar: custom Telvanni Slaver armor
Enclavekiller: “Enclavekiller Resources”
LondonRook: Outlander resource pack
Antares: Animated Morrowind and The game of three cups
Qarl: drummer animation and model
PikachunoTM: Pikas Miscellaneous mods
Von Djangos: a couple of textures from "Rugs and Tapestries"
Gochargers: enchanting table (heavily edited)
Kralzar: mace