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Castles should have banners, no? Also, buildings should be easy to remember, right?

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There's a reason banners are a thing in castles. They decorate a castle and raise soldier morale at the same time. Isn't it strange Ebonheart has next to none?

The mod adds banners in the towers of Ebonheart. Some fly the imperial colors from Tamriel Data, some (at the castle port) fly the colors of the Imperial Navy. Some banners are accompanied by hanged lanterns.

The Full Version of the mod overhauls Ebonheart in a "More Detailed Places" fashion, without changing the terrain and the castle layout. 

It's supposed to work in parallel with More Detailed Places - Ebonheart, as it also adds some little touches, like a skiff here and a mushroom there, mostly to complement MDP. Those few stuff will likely feel somewhat underwhelming or out of place without More Detailed Places.
Update: The mod now takes over the role of More Detailed Places - Ebonheart as it now edits some of the same places and goes a bit further still, so they now are incompatible.

Word of Warning: I'm using Vurt's Solstheim Tree Replacer II, so I hope there's no clipping issues with the tree at the Skyrim Embassy if you're using other tree models.

Versions and Compatibility
Banners only version: I suppose it's compatible with anything that doesn't move the towers around. 

Thanks to Grinn3r, the banners only version now has BCOM patched version!

Full Version
This should be incompatible with any Ebonheart Overhaul. If you find anything like or "Izi Ebonheart" to be compatible let me know.

Mod Suggestions:
I tested the non-BCOM versions with (and I can reccomend) Imperium Castle Ebonheart and The Ebonheart Lighthouse. They work fine together. The mod doesn't touch the terrain so it's also compatible with grass mods etc.