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A lightweight and vanilla-friendly revisit of many of Morrowind's questlines. This series aims to make them a more rewarding and enjoyable experience to play, whilst holding true to vanilla's vision.

This page collects all of my separate Redux mods into a single place for ease of installation.

Permissions and credits
Morrowind Redux aims to provide a refreshed and improved Vanilla+ experience, and to do so whilst not getting carried away with any wide sweeping changes to the original vision.

During my time in Vvardenfell I noticed that many quests (with some factions worse than others) don't reward the player at all for completing them. Some quests and/or factions also often lack reputation gains. And finally, some factions also reward the player almost exclusively in gold, which can quickly get repetitive. 

Redux aims to fix this.

This page is a compilation of my ongoing Redux series. You can view the full details of each module below:

Imperial Legion
House Redoran
Tribunal Temple
Thieves Guild
Mages Guild
East Empire Company
Bloodmoon Main Quest
House Hlaalu

More on the way!

Across the Redux series you can expect to see new, improved, and more varied quest rewards. Examples of these include:
  • New weapons (and enchantments)
  • New armour (and enchantments)
  • New spells and powers
  • New clothing and jewellery
  • Skill training
  • Books
  • Reputation gains
  • And more! 
Morrowind Redux also fixes bugs and addresses dialogue/journal inconsistencies where apparent. And as an added visual treat also incorporates many new assets into quest rewards courtesy of Tamriel Data.

  • Every effort has been made to make each individual Redux compatible with the most popular related mods for each mod's focus.
  • All Redux mods are all compatible with each other.
  • Detailed compatibility for each mod can be found on the respective mod pages, listed above. 
  • All Redux mods are compatible with OpenMW
  • All Redux mods can be installed mid-playthrough on existing characters, though it's recommended that you haven't joined the faction in question yet.
Future plans: 
More Redux mods are in the works! Let me know in the comments if you'd like to see any in particular. :)

Credits listed on individual mod pages.