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A complete overhaul of every vanilla shipwreck.

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"Does anyone know where the love of Azura goes
When the waves turn the minutes to hours?"

OAAB - Shipwrecks is a complete overhaul of every single mind-numbing wreckage found in vanilla Morrowind. All shipwrecks have been cracked open, rendering interior cells a thing of the past, lending toward a more immersive experience as you swim beneath the waves of the Inner Sea. Additionally, new quests, lore, and items have been added to aid the new environmental storytelling. A new NPC, known as the "Old Man of the Sea" will trade items for nautical adventures you might experience while using this mod; visit him often to see what he might have to say.

Additional updates will include new quests.

Vanilla Fixes:
While tearing apart the vanilla shipwrecks, I noted a few points of interest that otherwise have gone unnoticed until now. These include:

1. "Floating Deck Plank" is an activator named and used exclusively in the Bitter Coast, with 3 refs in the Ascadian Isles. All were replaced by a new ID that has no name, thus removing the confusion that this is something that can be interacted with, rather than a mere set piece.

2. In vanilla, the Desolate Ship is a sea-worthy ship that sank in Lake Amaya. For consistency's sake, the ship has been downgraded to a smaller vessel, which is better suited for traversing those shallow waters.

3. Cabins are now properly locked where keys were provided in vanilla. For example, the Abandoned Shipwreck provides a cabin key, but the door isn't locked, thus rendering it pointless clutter.

Shipwrecks covered:
Abandoned Shipwreck
Ancient Shipwreck
Derelict Shipwreck
Deserted Shipwreck
Desolate Shipwreck
Forgotten Shipwreck
Lonely Shipwreck
Lonesome Shipwreck
Lost Shipwreck
Neglected Shipwreck
Obscure Shipwreck
Prelude Shipwreck
Remote Shipwreck
Shunned Shipwreck
Strange Shipwreck
Unchartered Shipwreck
Unexplored Shipwreck
Unknown Shipwreck
Unmarked Shipwreck

- OAAB Data

A series of patches has been provided in the form of esp replacements for the following mods. Again, these are only esp replacements. Any icon, meshes, and textures files these mods might require will still need to be downloaded from their respective mod pages. The patches are as follows:

- Uncharted Artifacts  (XeroFoxx1)

The following mods are fully compatible:
- OAAB Tel Mora  (MelchiorDahrk)
- Better Caves and Caverns  (PikachunoTM)
- Fighter's Guild improved  (FlinSunset) - as of ver. 1.2, the Abandoned Shipwreck has enough misc. pillows to complete the pillow quest.

- (MelchiorDahrk) for OAAB and the broken shipwreck assets - without him, there would be no mod.
- (Greatness7) for thinking the "Old Man of the Sea" was cool enough to get a new animation - without him, the NPC would've been less impressive.
- (MerchLis) for lending me one of his head meshes from Westly's Faces Refurbished - without him, the face reveal won't have been as striking.
- (wollibeebee) for the use of his landscape meshes.
- (Londonrook) for the use of his Telvanni roots from his Outlander series.
- (Safebox) for the TES-fied version of the Wellerman Sea Shanty.
- (darkelfguy) for hosting this yearly competition - without that sense of competition, this mod would've dragged on for months longer.  

- 1.7. - added new random greetings for the "Old Man of the Sea"
- fixed Hlaalu Strongbox key (it's now hidden among the shipwreck)
- increased the strongbox's rewards
- Uncharted Artifacts patch, Prelude Door fixed
- Prelude Door unlocked from inside
- 1.6. - fixed door placement at the Ancient Shipwreck
 - fixed floaters at the Abandoned Shipwreck
 - removed the following patches: Adanumuran Reclaimed, Of Pillows and Peril, and RR Mod Series - Better Ships and Boats.
- 1.5 - fixed door placement at the Ancient Shipwreck, fixed floaters at the Abandoned Shipwreck, and removed the following patches: Adanumuran
        Reclaimed, Of Pillows and Peril, and RR Mod Series - Better Ships and Boats.
- 1.4. TR Patch added
- 1.3. typo fix for OpenMW
- 1.0. Initial Release