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A Telvanni mushroom house with MWSE functions.

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Tel Raloran is an abandoned Telvanni mushroom home for players situated in Azura's Coast, slightly north of Holamayan. This mod features a few new items scattered about the interior and new MWSE-based functions that'll allow you to recharge your staff. An alchemy station is also available if using my other mod, Immersive tables. Clear the area of daedric creatures to claim ownership.  

- MWSE-based alchemy and staff-recharging tables
- plenty of storage space and new items from OAAB
- a functional levitation pad
- improved landscape (the area around Tel Raloran was once a puny hill, now it looks like a proper grove and sea cliff)

- Please don't upload anywhere else.
- Please ask before including this mod in your project.

- Drop the contents of this mod into your Data Files, and regenerate your distant land/grass with MGEXE. 
- Make sure your MWSE/MGEXE are up to date with the current build.

- Thanks to Merlord for all of the MWSE/Lua functions.
- Thanks to Londonrook and the Outlander project for its numerous assets.
- Thanks to wollibeebee for the Mountain Meshes

2.2 -
- spread out the daedric traps
- minor clipping issues fixed
- renamed esps

2.0 - OAAB dependent:
- raised the hanging lights to avoid collision
- removed alchemy table in place for OAAB's enchanting table
- replaced crystals
- fixed daedra flagged as a respawn / not agressive
- filled bookshelves with more misc items from OAAB
- added retracting roots to the entrance
- added rooted menhir
- added a garden
- added patched ver. for immersive Tables
- repackaged for mod organizers

1.1 - fixed minor floaters