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An overhaul of the Bitter Coast region. New buildings, new dungeons, new weapons and armor and much more.

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The Resdayn Revival Project was a Russian Morrowind overhaul project aiming to reimagine the island of Vvardenfell by expanding the cities, dungeons, tombs and caves. Sadly the project was soon abandoned somewhere around 2013.
After searching the internet high and low, I managed to find what I believe was the latest beta version of the project. This release picks up where the Resdayn Revival Team left. Numerous hours later, this Beta-version is now a polished version ready for public release.

A large overhaul of the Bitter Coast Region:
  • Expansion of the 3 bitter coast town of Seyda Neen, Hla Oad and Gnaar Mok.
  • Expansion of numerous tombs and dungeons (a list is included in the appendix in the readme)
  • Some new tombs to explore
  • A couple of new miscelanious quests.
  • New weapons and armor (including a complete set of Argonian gear)
  • A ton of new models and textures, either used in this mod or as a modder's resource for further revival of Resdayn.

  • Complete translation from Russian to English
  • Cleaning the esp. Lots and lots of dirty edits were removed.
  • Fixing/Optimizing some of the scripts and adding new ones.
  • Removing the Gloomy Swamp area, which looked a bit out of place and caused major issues with other popular mods (mainly Balmora-based mods)
  • Improving some object placement. Added northmarkers. Misc esp tweaks...
  • Complete cleanup and reorganisation of the resource files.
  • Fixing a lot of broken or incomplete models (UV-maps, normals, unfinished models)
  • Optimizing about 95% of the models for better performance. Reduced draw-calls (sometimes improvements over 90%!) and tons of new collision meshes
  • Completely remade some meshes from scratch.
  • Created and implemented some new models into the mod.
  • Created and implemented missing icons.
  • Compatibility with grass mods (tested with Remiros' Groundcover)
  • OAAB integration! As of version 2.0, RR-BC depends on OAAB_Data. Many of the RR resources have been integrated in the OAAB-project for everyone to use and are thus no longer included directly here.
  • Modular versions (kind off). There are optional .esp files with edits to only either the cities or the dungeons.

  • Truly modular versions. Before I split up the esp-files even further this needs some time to be playtested.

This was not possible without the following:
  • Siberian Crab, Scarab-Phoenix, Cernon and all the other members of the Resdayn Revival Team from 2013 for the original Russian beta and allowing me to continue their work.
  • Zobator for the English translation and continued work on the project
  • The Blender Foundation for Blender
  • NifTools for NifSkope
  • Bethesda Softworks for Morrowind