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Adds alchemy and enchanting tables to Morrowind.

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This mod places alchemy tables, powered by Greatness7's poisoncraft, to serve as all-in-one work stations at several locations. However, the convenience of having to not carry such heavy equipment around like a mule comes at a price; nothing’s in life is free and mage’s aren’t known for their charity. Additionally, OAAB's enchantment tables have been added to mages guilds and enchantment shops. Future updates to this mod will look into adding more tables with additional functions, such as a recharging station for your magical items and more apparatuses hidden throughout Morrowind.  

Alchemy Tables:
- Morag Tong (all locations covered)
- Balmora, Mages Guild (apprentice)
- Ald'Ruhn, Mages Guild (journeyman)
- Caldera, Mages Guild (journeyman)
- Vivec, Mages Guild (master)
- Sadrith Mora: To prevent incompatibility with several Wolverine Hall mods, the alchemy table for Sadrith Mora has been placed at Anis Seloth’s alchemic shop with a note detailing the reason in a lore-friendly manner.

Enchantment Tables (OAAB add-on):
Using these tables provides a +5 bonus toward crafting an enchanted item, however, if you see a table with a scamp candle, know that these will provide a higher bonus; so choose wisely; most tables range between 0-2 candles, but only one with 3 candles has been hidden away in Morrowind and provides the best bonus, though not in the most convenient location.

- Balmora, Mages Guild
- Ald'Ruhn, MagesGuild
- Caldera, Mages Guild (see in-game note)
- Vivec, Mages Guild
- Sadrith Mora, Urtiso Faryon
- Tel Aruhn, Maren Uvaren
- Holamayan, Felayn Andral


- RR’s Holamayan
- Caldera Mage’s Guild Expanded

- LondonRook for the Skyrim-like alchemy table
- OAAB for the enchanting table/scripts
- Greatness7 for his help in fine-tuning this mod from it’s infancy and providing the necessary tweaks to the poisoncraft scripts that make it all


- 1.0. Initial Release
- 1.1 Added BCoM support esp.