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Adds appropriate clutter to the various bandit camps

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There are a few bandit camps in Morrowind. Usually, it’s just a few NPCs hanging around in the wilderness, with a campfire and sometimes
a chest or a stool.

Have you ever wondered how bandits were supposed to sleep at night though?

Well, I did, and since Ashfall provides a lot of cool camping-related assets, I added some tents and bedrolls to the bandit camps.

Sometimes you’ll find they just have a tent, still packed, leaning against a chest or a rock.
Sometimes the camp is more fleshed out, with everything unpacked and ready to use.

This should make the various bandit camps look and feel more believable, and at the same time it works as an addon for Ashfall.

There's also an addon for TOTSP that clutter just one bandit camp on Solstheim. Of all the various locations where bandits can spawn on Solstheim, only one was setup as a camp so that's all I could do.



This requires Ashfall and needs to load after it


Merlord: for Ashfall
Vegetto: some assets
Ashtaar: cliff racer skull asset