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DuoDinamico aka RandomPal and Vegetto

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Overhaul of the Wolverine Hall, turning it into a proper hall. Based on Stav's WHO

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Overhaul of the Wolverine Hall, based on GVALT's mod, brought to you by DuoDinamico (aka Vegetto and RandomPal).

We really liked the idea of the Wolverine Hall being an actual hall, but we wanted to make the mod more vanilla friendly.
What’s changed compared to the original version?

  • The models are now using vanilla textures
  • Where possible, the pointy arches have been turned into rounded ones, closer to the vanilla imperial set
  • Unique banners and tapestries have been swapped with vanilla or OAAB/TD counterparts
  • Fixed many floaters, bleeders, missing ownerships and messy or missing path grids
  • The little island where the WH is sitting was remade using only vanilla assets and landscape edits, alongside some OAAB/TD cliffs and looks more natural
  • Removed many unique assets: most of them did fit vanilla style, but having so many new assets appear in just one location in the game can feel quite artificial
  • Removed some kitbashed solutions that were used to clutter some round rooms with new assets from TR_data and OAAB_data and entirely re-cluttered some interiors.
  • Moved animated NPCs into an optional addon
  • Lowered the entire structure so it’s at a lower level than Tel Naga. Telvanni would likely not tolerate a structure that’s too big and imposing. For the same reasons, hanged dunmers on the drawbridge have been removed
  • Unique armors have been moved into an optional addon
  • Removed NPCs with weird names. Sorry “Bigus Dickus” (lol)
  • BCOM patch available -Read the readme before installing-

Load order with BCOM

Beautiful cities of Morrowind

How to use the batfile with virtual folders installs (OpenMW or MO2)

If you're using virtual folders, Morrowind still has to be installed somewhere. Just place the esp file (Beautiful cities of Morrowind.esp) and the bat file in Morrowind folder, run the batfile and then copy paste the esp file where you need, then delete what's left to clean MW's folder.