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A new Daedric dungeon built within the depths of a blightened egg mine.

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Pilgrims frequently make their way to the Assarnibibi Shrine for it's blessing. Recently however, several who make the journey never seam to return. Perhaps the nearby blightened egg mine has some answers?

This mod overhauls the Maesa-Shammus Egg Mine to expand it, and add a new Daedric ruin dedicated to Namira, the Lady of Decay, hidden deep within.

• OAAB Data
• TR Data
• DR Data

• An improved larger egg mine with blightened eggs and kwama caves, courtesy of OAAB Data
• More detailed cliffs surrounding the egg mine exterior.
• A Daedric dungeon with cult followers, rats, and Atronachs. There aren't any namira specific deadric enemies in Morrowind, TR, or OAAB data.
• Unique decorations from OAAB, TR, and DR data.
• The Daedric Dai Katana had been removed from the dead knight and placed in the deeper part of the ruin. Getting to it now requires a greater deal of effort.

• Cleaned with tes3cmd via Mash64

- Daedric Ruins - Arkitektora of Vvardenfell -
- OpenMW
- Morrowind Enhanced Textures -
- Daedric Ruins (Half-Revamped) Includes normal maps for OpenMW users. -
- Lava - Mold - Mud Caverns Revamp -

::  CREDITS ::
♦ OAAB team for additional mold rocks
♦ TR team for Stalagmites
♦ London Rook for cages, additional scaffold, and other objects.
♦ Wildman for the Namira Statue