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A lore-friendly quest mod based on an in-game book brought to life, with dungeons, mind-bending puzzles, quests, Daedra, and the power to summon items from oblivion.

Permissions and credits

To begin, travel to Vivec, Jobasha's Rare Books and read an unusual book there.

  • Lore-Friendly Daedric Questline
  • New Books
  • Branching Paths
  • Dungeons
  • Puzzles
  • Epic Battles
  • New "Transmutation" Ability
  • Pimp-able Shrine

Transmutation is a revolutionary mechanic that allows you to extend and decorate your shrine however you like.

Soul Shards
Automatically harvest soul shards from fallen enemies using the Bottle of Souls, and spend these shards on building new rooms, unlocking resource packs and building furniture.

Extending your Shrine
Activate a crumbling wall and spend soul shards to build new rooms. Over 15 different rooms are available, ranging from small empty rooms ready to be decorated, or larger, more elaborate structures. 

Your shrine can be extended infinitely (provided you have enough soul shards). No two shrines will look the same!

Purchase Decorations
Cast the Transmutation spell while in the shrine to enter the Transmutation Menu to purchase furniture and decorations. These are separated into resource packs, which need to be unlocked by spending soul shards. 

There are 170+ unique items you can purchase. These include decorative items like lights, tables, chairs and rugs, functional items like containers, as well as new scripted items that provide various functionality. There are also a dozen unique paintings, and much more!

Scripted Furniture
  • Target Dummies - train your weapon skills
  • Repair Stations - for Realistic Repair compatibility
  • Teleportation Pads - teleport between different teleportation pads within the shrine
  • Mannequins - Display your clothing and armor
  • Alchemy Table
  • Animated Display Case
  • Staff Recharging Station
  • Music Box

Manipulating Furniture
By entering "Ready Magic" mode with the Transmutation spell equipped, you can manipulate the furniture you have created with ease. You can move, rotate, delete (and recover soul shards).


  • MGE XE /  MWSE*
  • MCP
  • Magicka Expanded (framework is enough)
  • OAAB_Data

*Remember to run MWSE-Update.exe whenever you download/update an MWSE mod!
Does NOT work with OpenMW
Minor conflict with NoM (uses the same bookshelf at Jobasha's Rare Books.
Compatible with Morrowind Rebirth

1 - Use your preferred mod installer tool and drop the content of the zip in your Data Files folder

2 - Use the same method to install Magicka Expanded 00 - Framework

3 - Make sure MWSE is up-to-date (run MWSE-update.exe from your Morrowind directory)

4 - Make sure MCP has the ‘high-def cutscene support’ patch applied under the mod specific support section

5 - Enable Pimp My Shrine.esp

1. So, how do I begin the quest again?
Jobasha's Rare Books, read "Legend of Vernaccus", it's on a bookshelf.

2. Can I play this mod with OpenMW? Can you make a patch for OpenMW? When will this mod be compatible with OpenMW?
No. No. No.

3. I don't care about furniture, why should I play this mod?
Placing furniture is but one aspect of the mod. Even without it, you still get a full quest with very cool dungeons and rewards.

4. So it's a house mod, I don't care about that?
Dynamically adding rooms to the shrine is but one aspect of the mod. Even without it, you still get a full quest with very cool dungeons and rewards.

5. The Transmutation spell does not work.
Make sure MWSE 2.1 is installed and updated
Make sure you have Magicka Expanded installed (you only need the Framework module.)

6. I have  big yellow !!! in the shrine and many warning about missing meshes and textures.
Make sure you have OAAB_Data.esm installed.

7. The game crashed when I picked up the book / when I entered the shrine
Make sure you have the MCP option ticked: hi-def cutscene.

8. I can't rotate the furniture in the shop
Update MWSE (run MWSE-Update.exe, it is in your Morrowind directory)

9. I followed the instructions but there is a bug.
We'll be able to help if you clearly explain the issue AND send your MWSE.log (it's in your Morrowind directory).

10. What is Morrowind Modding Madness?
It is an annual team-based competition where teams are given a theme and a month to make a mod. This year, the themes were: Daedra, Construction and Legend. Bonus theme: fighters' Guild.

11. I updated the mod and now parts of the Shrine are missing!
Whenever you modify your modlist (even update mods) you should at the very least clean your saved games with Wrye Mash. (Detailed Wrye Mash guide (saved game cleaning is right at the end), and very in-depth video by Abot explaining the proper way to update a mod.

Arcimaestro Antares for  the banshee creature
Ashstaar for the mazken creature
Autoclock for the Skull Spider creature
Cali for the BB mannequins
Cantorsdust for the script fix for cases
Dongle for the Daedric Icons
Fred Bouchal for Cutscene music: "Odin's sword"
Greatness7 for his Blender NIF Plugin
Indigo for the display case
Korana for the fancy bed model and veil texture
LadyE for the display resource
LondonRook's Outlander Project: Workbench, mist effect, Alchemy and Staff Recharge Station
Musiqabox for the Elder Scrolls Music Theme
PikachunoTM for the bottle of Souls model & Daedric furniture resource
Siberian Crab for the Crystal texture
ZapSplat for the wooden door creak sound