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So far I've played Oblivion, Skyrim, and Morrowind; now I'm slowly making progress in Arena.



Please do not ask if any of my mods can be installed via a mod manager, or to make them compatible with automatic installation. I have neither the knowledge nor the will to support anything other than manual installation.

You can use my generic TES artwork for modding purposes. However, please don't use my pre-compressed artwork in .dds format if you have any plans to alter the texture - I can provide .png versions (with white or transparent background) of all my published artwork upon request.

I can also provide source files (with mostly every color on a separate layer, in .sai, .xcf, or .psd format) of all my textures upon request.






Mods I'm a co-author of

Magicka Expanded (along with OperatorJack)

No one is above the law (along with Gavrilo93)


Contributions to other users' mods

Alms for ALMSIVI - expansion, tweaks, dialogue proofreading
The Sanguine Rose - dialogue proofreading
Better Gnisis Arch - retexture

More Unique Spell Breaker - texture edits

Hircine's Quest - VSW/Anthology patch

and a couple of in-dev mods that haven't been released yet.