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The Kwama Koalition of Denina Olaf Ring and TheDrunkenMudcrab

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Ask around about Latest Rumors in Maar Gan to find tell of a mine in peril. Bring forth its demise, or save it from financial ruin! Ever wanted to own a mine? Ever wanted to be friends with a kwama? This is the mod for you.

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Helvil Mine is in peril. A darkness from beyond the Ghostfence has come to haunt this place. If you choose to go there, and rid the mine of its treacherous new inhabitants, the mine itself could be yours... and more!
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This mod includes:

○ A new dungeon, filled with the most vile of Ur's minions.

○ 11 new quests.

○ A fully customized 'ownership' system for owning the Egg/Ebony Mine involved in the quests.

○ A new companion.

○ A full set of "Kwama" themed armor.

○ An ancient levitation artifact of legend, hidden somewhere in the mine's recesses.

○ Horror, body horror, and/or the newly invented "Kwamahorror" Morrowind Subgenre. 

○ Kwama. 

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Version 1.6: Flagged two quests that didn't have the finish flag on the last journal entry.

Version 1.5: Fixed an issue that caused a CTD when upgrading pickaxes. Thank you to Abot for figuring out the fix!

Version 1.3: BIG MWSE fixes!

Version 1.2: MWSE fixes!

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To start this mod: 

○ Go to Maar Gan, and ask around for Latest Rumors, or find the mine yourself in the Ashlands. 

Keep in mind, the objective of the mod is to own and operate an Egg/Ebony Mine. If you choose not to, and take a gold payout for your services instead, most of the mod's content is locked out for you.

If you are lost on what to do relating to the mine's operation, speak to the altmer about the "ledger".

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You will need OAAB, MWSE, and Merlord's crafting framework in order to use this mod. 

CREDITS: Denina, Olaf, Ring, TheDrunkenMudcrab, the OAAB team, the MWSE team, & Merlord.
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