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Find a worn-down mage's attempt at their own offshoot of the Mages' Guild. Explore new, unknown dimensions, rebuild the Arcane Academy of Venarius, and find all the secrets the school has to offer!

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Welcome to The Arcane Academy of Venarius! Founded by a distraught lover turned toward the darker, more esoteric side of alteration magic, The Arcane Academy lay nestled in a hamlet in the northeast of Vvardenfell. Atop a hill it sits, hiding treasure and mystery inside. Find the school, learn its history, and discover what happened to its inhabitants.

AAV is a realm-hopping journey through three different nightmare planes, each of which is related to the dreamer trapped within. Make your way through the realms, rescue (or not) the surviving students, and rebuild the academy to take it for your own. AAV has been built with roleplay and replayability in mind - different characters and different playthroughs will all have different experiences with the characters introduced by AAV.

Meet the Transmutation Cube!

At some point in the Academy questline you will be led to find this unusual dwemer cube, or perhaps might stumble onto it yourself. Some explanation of the cube and its function will be provided to you, however, there are more recipes than what you may be aware of...

I've lost my marbles!

Throughout the academy, you'll find a series of different marbles - some will always be there, some may not. Some are more important than others. It's up to you to determine their purpose.

Can you polish my spear?

Headmaster Venarius is a huge fan of Crassius Curio. Within the academy's labyrinthine library, you will find many of Curio's writings. Collect them all for a... special, reward. Keep your eyes out for any and all unusual books.

Later, as the mod develops further, we will provide more recipes and interactivity with the NPCs, including giving them schedules and training fights.


Please note:
due to severe madness crunch, this mod is ultimately not complete yet. If you find an issue, please feel free to let us know - but the answer is most likely "It's not there yet". We're working on it, but we think what's available currently is quite enjoyable!

AAV is designed from the ground up to be an OpenMW mod, meaning it is an omwaddon. While the already-constructed portions of the mod do work, the plugin itself is 0% compatible with Vanilla Morrowind. For modders, please use the DEV version of the esm on our GitHub.