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Discover the Great Ossuaries of Ayem, Seht, and Vehk on the slopes of Red Mountain and their associated catacombs deep beneath the volcano.

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Memento Mori

By Team Gobblin' Goblins
(globemallow, JosephMcKean, Kalinter, Maligerent, ProfArmitage)

"The Great Ghost Fence created by the Tribunal to hold back the Blight incorporates the bones of many heroes of the Temple and of the Houses Indoril and Redoran who dedicated their spirits to the Temple and Clan as their surrogate families. The Ghost Fence also contains bones taken from the Catacombs of Necrom and the many battlefields of Morrowind… The Ghostfence has forced many changes in the practice of ancestor worship. With the vast majority of ancestors' remains going to strengthen the Great Ghostfence around the mountain of Dagoth Ur, there are very few clan ghost fences in Morrowind. The Temple discourages such practices among the Houses as selfish."

- Excerpt from Ancestors and the Dunmer

In Morrowind's lore it is described how the remains of the Dunmer are used to power the Great Ghost Fence. There have been a number of interpretations over the years as to where these remains actually are. Some have said the small pile of bones in the Ghostgate Temple are the remains in question. Others have said the remains are located in the pylons of the Ghostfence itself. Another interpretation is that the remains in Necrom and some ancestral tombs are being used to power the Ghostfence remotely.

This mod began as yet another answer to this question. When it became a Madness mod it quickly grew into a major lore expansion for the Ghostfence and the operations of the Tribunal Temple around Red Mountain. In Memento Mori you can delve deep into the inner workings of the industry of death that Vvardenfell, Morrowind, and perhaps all of Tamriel depend upon for their survival. You will discover whispers of the conflicts that led to the creation of Ghostfence, the conflicts surrounding its maintenance, and perhaps hints of a new conflict looming on the horizon.

Mod Features:

- Three new Velothi-style ossuaries around Red Mountain, each complete with new exterior landscapes and matching interiors
- A new series of extensive catacombs beneath Red Mountain, connecting the aforementioned ossuaries, inhabited by new unique and interesting undead creatures
- Several new NPCs from both vanilla factions as well as new Temple sub-factions who work to preserve this network of ossuaries and catacombs
- A new pilgrimage quest meant to introduce you to the new lore, the ossuaries, and the catacombs
- Several new side quests at the ossuaries
- Five new lore books
- Many secrets and much more

How to Start:

To start the main pilgrimage quest, find a copy of the new book "The Pilgrimage of Dead" in vanilla bookshops and Dunmer Temples. Alternatively you can head directly to the Ghostgate, Tower of Dawn, look for the new Hall of Ghosts, and speak to the NPCs there. Side quests are discovered by inquiring about latest rumors and speaking with the new NPCs at the three ossuaries. There is one new side quest per ossuary.

If you need help triggering the side quests:

Ossuary of Ayem
Speak to any Order of Ghosts member or the publican in the services tower about latest rumors.
Ossuary of Vehk
Speak to the Prefect in the Hall of the Order.
Ossuary of Seht
Speak to the Acolyte of Clockwork member in the Dwemer Workshop.


Memento Mori contains MWSE-Lua scripts, but these are only for a few minor features. All of the core content and all of the quests of this mod are fully functional in OpenMW. OpenMW users can ignore the MWSE folder when installing this mod. 

The Memento Mori - OpenMW Patch.esp is essentially a no sitter patch, where it fixes the floating sitting npc issue that occurs in OpenMW. It should be loaded after Memento Mori.esp

From V 1.2.0, the way we handle compatibility with Beautiful Cities of Morrowind has changed. There is now a separate BCOM patch rather than a replacement ESP. BCOM users need to install both the Memento Mori - BCOM Patch.ESP and the Memento Mori.ESP. The BCOM patch may also be used for compatibility with the RR Mod Series - Ghostgate Fortress. Everything is now packaged together in the main file.

If you are using both plugins, then load order should be the following:

1. Memento Mori - BCOM Patch.ESP
2. Memento Mori.ESP


- Beautiful Cities of Morrowind or RR Mod Series - Ghostgate Fortress - for visual parity between Ghostgate and the new ossuaries
- Morrowind Code Patch Actor collision box fix - helps player fit through some tight corridors in our mod
- MWSE - for full experience