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This mod rebuilds the mainquest dungeon Ilunibi from scratch to make it larger, more imposing and more interesting to explore. It also adds four new quests for you to discover and embark upon.

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by seelof

Description & Features

All those of you who have played through the Morrowind mainquest at least once know that the cavern called "Ilunibi" marks a pivitol place and moment in the journey of the Nerevarine. It is where the player character contracts Corprus, the divine disease sent forth by Dagoth Ur. Unfortunately, the vanilla dungeon has always been lacking in size, explorability and impact on the player's mind, being no more than a series of mostly flat and uninteresting tunnels. It has never met the significance that the crucial moment in the storyline demands.

New Ilunibi aims to change all that by rebuilding the entire dungeon from the ground up. Features of this new approach include:

  • An entirely new design, turning Ilunibi into a vast cavernous system with underground lakes, rivers, plant life and - yes - Corprus.
  • A ton of new loot for you to find, much of it hidden in unlikely places, thus inviting you to explore every corner. And don't worry, the Fists of Randagulf are still somewhere down there.
  • Four new quests for you to discover and embark upon. You will find all new quests within the dungeon itself.
  • A healthy dose of verticality. 'Cause I love me some verticality. I know, who doesn't.


New Ilunibi makes edits to the five Ilunibi cells:

Carcass of the Saint
Tainted Marrow
Marowak's Spine
Blackened Heart
Soul's Rattle

Other mods also editing these cells might conflict depending on what they do. The following mods are compatible nevertheless:

  • True Lights And Darkness (if you load New Ilunibi after it)
  • Expansions Integrated
  • Something is not right
  • Detailed Dungeons (sort of, the changes it makes just won't be noticable to you because the additions are located at different coordinates)
  • Main Quest Overhaul/Sixth House Smugglers (I added a patch to the optional files section that makes a certain note added by these two mods accessible in New Ilunibi)

New Ilunibi should be fully functional with OpenMW (no MWSE required).

It is advised to play this mod with a character that hasn't entered Ilunibi yet. Otherwise there might be an issue where your water levels will be too high. See abot's post in the comments section for more information and for a potential way to solve the problem.

It is further advised to place this mod towards the bottom of your load order. That is because New Ilunibi changes the water height, and if another mod that also edits Ilunibi is loaded after New Ilunibi, it will revert the water height back to its vanilla level, which results in the dungeon being under water. Therefore, make sure that any mod that might edit Ilunibi is loaded before New Ilunibi, including the otherwise compatible mods listed above.

My Other Dungeon Mods:

- Drethos Ancestral Tomb

- Caldera Priory and the Depths of Blood and Bone

- Of Eggs and Dwarves - Gnisis Eggmine & Bethamez Overhaul

- ReadMe - Library of Vivec Overhaul

- Berandas Overhaul

Special Thanks

There are a few people to whom I want to express my gratitude:

Melchior Dahrk:
MD turned what was originally a kitbashed skeleton covered in fungi and hanging from the ceiling into a working mesh and also created the animation and the creature version of said skeleton. The animation in particular is utterly jaw dropping, and without MD the entire quest revolving around the skeleton would not be what it is. MD also tested the mod, provided me with vital feedback and always had an open ear, even when I just wouldn't shut up about this or that.

Stripes wrote two scripts for me that are way beyond my capabilities (although truth be told, almost any script is beyond my capabilities). Without these scripts a certain soul related quest would not be working.

A Raven of Many Hats:
ARoMH made the eyecatching title banner for me, even though my displayed inability to just pick a damn name for the mod likely resulted in a few headaches.

DEG came through for me and sent me some nice screenshots, which I immediately uploaded to replace some of the old ones. My own screenshots were so dark and you could hardly see anything. The new ones are much more vibrant and should give you a better idea of what you can expect inside the dungeon.