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Remakes the eggmines using OAAB assets and adds some minor loot. Now, eggmines look unique and you have a reason to go into them.

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Let's be honest--how many of us go into eggmines unless there's a quest reason? How many of us actually explore eggmines? Other than quests and harvesting mass amounts of alchemical ingredients, is there any reason?

And kwama foragers are called "kwama foragers". What are they foraging? What do they bring back to their queen?

This mod uses OAAB assets to make kwama egg mines visually distinct and adds some minor loot to the queen's chamber. Nothing massive, unbalancing, or lore-unfriendly; just small things that a kwama forager might find and bring back.

I'll be adding more egg mines as time goes on.

Currently Affects:
  • Ashimanu Egg Mine, Queen's Lair
  • Shurdan-Raplay Egg Mine
  • Zalkin-Sul Egg Mine

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