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This mod redesigns the Library of Vivec from scratch to make it look and feel like a true library, with many books added from Tamriel_Data and OAAB_Data for you to read. There are also new NPCs for you to interact with, and two new quests that set you on the hunt for a unique book the resource for which was provided by RubberMan.

Permissions and credits

Description & Features

1. A new design:

This mod started as a simple overhaul for the Library of Vivec because I found the vanilla place both boring and confusing (does a library as tiny as that really need five entrances?). To this end, I redesigned the library from scratch giving it a new layout to make it a place to behold. The library now consists of two levels. The upper level has plenty of work stations and a room for writing equipment such as scrolls, ink wells, etc., while at the same time granting a majestic view of the ground floor. That's where you will find all the books, and of those, there are many.

2. Many, many books:

A library needs books. The vanilla version of the Library of Vivec had few of those. In accordance with the new layout, I first added new bookshelves and rearranged the existing ones. I then handplaced more books from vanilla and, crucially, from Tamriel_Data and OAAB_Data. Including books from these two data bases ensured that book variety would remain relatively high. You can find books about Morrowind, about the Temple and the Empire, about the Great Houses, about guars, about medicine, about poisons, about the Daedra, about the stars, about Orcs and Nords, about Skyrim and Cyrodiil, and about many, many more topics. Because I excluded the vast majority of skill books (this is NOT a cheat library) most books still come in more than one copy, but several are also unique and you will be able to find some hidden gems here and there. Also note that you will be allowed to take any book in the library with you provided you have at least the rank of initiate within the Tribunal Temple. If you don't and you try anyway, the ordinators will deal with you accordingly.

3. New NPCs:

To make the library feel more like a busy place I added new NPCs, the majority of which use animations and scripts from Animated Morrowind. So with this mod, you will find people reading or writing, perhaps working on some religious text or on a book review. Some of these NPCs also have new, unique dialogue, although not many. I wanted this mod to be a part of the May Modathon Competition and I didn't have enough time to give every NPC a background and interesting things to say. Perhaps I will expand upon this in a future update. The most important new NPC is the curator, Orunre Termaren, who will not only inform you about what the library has to offer you, but also send you on a quest, if you ask him nicely about his background.

4. New quests:

The mod adds two new quests to the world of Morrowind. The first one is given to you by the library's curator, Orunre Termaren, if you ask him about his background. He will set you on a hunt for a mysterious artifact with potentially strange powers, the Book of Shadows. The book is based upon a unique resource which was gifted to me by RubberMan. Check out the screenshot section for a good look. You will stumble upon the second quest by following the first one. Each quest has different outcomes depending on the choices you make along the way and each outcome will grant you a slightly different reward.

5. New dungeons:

Part of the new quests are two new dungeons for you to explore. One is about vanilla sized, the other is quite huge and built mostly out of OAAB assets. I spent a lot of time on the dungeons to make them visually appealing as well as entertaining to explore. There is quite a bit of loot, including (as of Version 1.1) a set of RuffinVangarr's Redoran Exile Armor as well as a Daedric Bastard Sword made by Olaf. Some of the loot is hidden in unlikely places, so you will have to look carefully. There is also quite a bit of fighting involved, so be prepared.

6. A new home:

Lastly, as a bonus, there is also the opportunity for you to obtain a new home for your player character. It will come as an option to you as part of one of the quests. I realize that this might not be what some people expect from a mod that is first and foremost an overhaul of Vivec's library, but what can I say; it's modathon, and in the spirit of modathon I decided to go a little crazy.

Only the Full version of this mod will receive further updates. I have stopped supporting the Lite and QuestOnly versions because download numbers for those have been too low to warrant the headache. They are still functional, so I will keep them as optional files for those who want them. Note, however, that they are not up to date and will remain so.




Just drop the contents of the archive in your Data Files folder (if prompted to overwrite any existing files, hit "yes").


Compatible with Beautiful Cities of Morrowind

The Full version of my library overhaul makes edits to the following cells:

- Vivec, Library of Vivec (duh)
Any mod that makes changes to this cell will most likely be incompatible. The one mod that edits the Library of Vivec and is still compatible with this redesign is Animated Morrowind, because I made sure of it. As of version 1.9.5., Beautiful Cities of Morrowind no longer edits the library, so the two mods are now compatible.

- Vivec, Hall of Wisdom
As I mentioned, the vanilla library has five entrance points. My version only has one, so I had to wall off four of the five paths in the Hall of Wisdom that originally led to the library. Therefore, if another mod makes edits to the Hall of Wisdom, there might be a conflict, although not necessarily. I am not aware of any other mod that makes changes to the Hall of Wisdom.

- Ashlands Region -4, 11
I placed a Redoran hut on a hill there (check the screenshot section for reference). If you have a mod installed that makes edits to that hill, there might be a conflict. If not, you're good.

- Azuras Coast Region 19, 1
One of the islands in that cell has a small beach. I placed a cave entry and some clutter there. If another mod edits that beach (I am not aware of any), there might be a conflict.

- Grazelands Region 8, 8
All I did was place a cave entry in a convenient spot. If another mod occupies that same spot with an edit, there will be a conflict. But again, I am not aware of any.

Other than that, the mod should be compatible with everything. Note that the Lite version only edits the library itself and the Hall of Wisdom, so if you choose that version, you can ignore the remarks about the other cells. If you choose the QuestOnly version, you can ignore the remarks about the Library of Vivec.

For people using Less Genereic Nerevarine: As of version 1.2, I have implemented a minor compatability fix for LGN. Make sure to load ReadMe after LGN.

For OpenMW users: If you experience some of the animated NPCs sitting on the ground, just fire up the CS and move up said NPCs (select the NPC, hold Z and drag them up). The recommended OpenMW patch for Animated Morrowind down below might also help. Alternatively, you could try the following ESP replacer:

Recommended Mods

- Perfect Placement
Might make for a neat roleplaying experience. After you borrowed a book you will be able to put it back where you found it.

- Mantle of Ascension - A Climbing Mod
Granted, I haven't tested it yet myself, but based on the video showcases this might greatly enhance the dungeon experience of my mod, as I placed quite an emphasis on verticality when I was creating the dungeons.

- Animated Morrowind OpenMW Patch
I don't use OpenMW myself, but I've been told this patch might fix some issues with Animated Morrowind's animations for OpenMW users.

My other Dungeon Mods:

- Drethos Ancestral Tomb

- Caldera Priory and the Depths of Blood and Bone

- Of Eggs and Dwarves - Gnisis Eggmine & Bethamez Overhaul

- New Ilunibi

- Berandas Overhaul


- RubberMan for the Book of Shadows (this includes both the resource itself and the neat little poem within its pages)
- Antares for the animations and scripts from Animated Morrowind
- RuffinVangarr for the Redoran Exile Armor
- Olaf for the Daedric Bastard Sword
- The teams behind Tamriel_Data and OAAB_Data
- The Morrowind Modding Community for their support, Stripes in particular who helped me with scripting
- A Raven of Many Hats for the awesome title image you can see at the top


You can modify this mod in any way you want. Just make sure to give credit.

As per RubberMan's wishes, you may also use the resource for the Book of Shadows. He deserves full credit for it.