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Greatly improves performance and fixes some mesh errors.

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Morrowind Optimization Patch

By the MOP Team:
Melchior Dahrk

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This project aims to fix vanilla meshes by optimizing them, improving performance significantly and eliminating most bugs and errors with vanilla meshes.

Full list of features:
-Alpha Blending has been disabled in favor of Alpha Testing
-NiTriShapes have been stripped down to a bare minimum to increase performance
-Less bloated mesh structure
-Fixed many shading errors in the original trees
-New, more accurate collision meshes for most trees and other objects
-Most trees and flora utilize custom vertex normals which improves their visuals without any performance impact
-Significant improvements to UV mapping for many meshes
-More improvements

Fixed Vanilla Textures:

Formerly known as "Clean Alpha Textures", this optional module includes several vanilla textures with fixed alphas and several other changes made specifically for MOP. It also fixes a lot of broken textures and makes textures that were supposed to be seamless actually seamless. This module is highly recommended if you plan on using vanilla textures.

Lake Fjalding Anti-Suck:
This esp-based optional file drastically increases performance around Lake Fjalding by replacing several of the smaller meshes with larger, merged ones. This has no impact on visuals. This module will not work with mods that change Lake Fjalding and is already included in Vvardenfell and Solstheim Worldspace Remaster.

MGE XE Addon:
This module provides dedicated meshes for distant land generation meant to be used with MGE XE. This module will not work with OpenMW and replacers.

Weapon Sheathing Patch:
This module is a compatibility patch between MOP and Weapon Sheathing. This will make weapon sheaths show the fixed MOP weapon meshes instead of the vanilla ones. Make sure to install this after both Weapon Sheathing and MOP.

Chuzei Fix:
Enable this if you are not using Better Bodies to fix neck problems with the Native Chuzei Bonemold Helm.


Feel free to use this mod in your own mods as long as you credit me as the original author. This does not apply to compilations of any sort.


Wrye Mash and MO2:

This mod is packaged as a BAIN archive for ease of use with mod managers. Each module can be installed seperately from within your mod manager of choice, preferably Wrye Mash or Mod Organizer 2.

Manual Installation:

Drop the contents of the individual modules you want to use in your data files folder. Manual installation is not recommended.


This will overwrite meshes you already have installed. Install mods like Vurt's Trees after MOP.

You absolutely should regenerate Distant Land if you use MGE (XE).
Uninstall with your mod manager or delete the files that come with this mod.

Patch for Purists:
An excellent unofficial patch for the game maintained by Half11. Install this patch before anything else on this list.

*Correct UV Rocks:
It's highly recommended that you use this mod and install it BEFORE the optimization patch. It fixes a lot of bad UVs for rocks that aren't covered in my mod.

Project Atlas:
It is highly recommended that you use MOP together with Project Atlas. Make sure to install Project Atlas after MOP.

Thanks to Axeljk for contributing his excellent armor and clothing fixes.
Thanks to Greatness7 for a lot of technical help and his vertex normals script.
Thanks to Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set.
Thanks to Brucoms for developing the TES3 Readme Generator this readme was made from.

Thanks to these contributors for Weapon Sheathing:
  • akortunov
  • Greatness7
  • Heinrich
  • Hrnchamd
  • London Rook
  • Lord Berandas
  • Melchior Dahrk
  • MementoMoritius
  • NullCascade
  • PetetheGoat
  • PikachunoTM

-Very major update including hundreds of additional visual and performance fixes for various meshes
-Various fixes for the Common, Nordic, Telvanni, Velothi, Dwemer and Daedric tilesets
-Fixes for most miscellaneous items
-Fixed wrong Velothi tileset pieces
-Fixed broken normals on some Velothi pieces
-Fixed dunmer tapestries mistakenly having collisions
-Applied the fixes to the stronghold set to the ruined variant as well
-Fixed the UVs of the dunmer ruins
-More fixes to vanilla armors
-Fixes stronghold walls with wrong orientation
-The most massive update by far, including hundreds of extra meshes and significantly improving upon existing ones
-The majority of the interior Velothi set has been fixed and now includes better UVs
-The majority of the exterior and partially the interior Telvanni set have been fixed and now include improved meshes with better UVs and collisions
-A huge amount of other furniture and static meshes, as well as weapons and miscellaneous items have been fixed
-All trees in the game, including expansions, have been fixed and now have better UVs. This includes emperor parasols and mushroom trees
-All ground meshes and most miscellaneous items and ingredients in the game, including expansions, have been reworked and now include backfaces, alongside a wide array of other fixes. This makes them play significantly better with mods like Perfect Placement, but also improves them in general.
-Replaced Clean Alpha Textures with Fixed Vanilla Textures
-Added an optional MGE XE Addon
-Added an optional Weapon Sheathing Patch
-Optimized meshes for particles, lights, magic effects and propylon chambers
-Fixed meshes for Bamz-Amschend
-Huge addition of new meshes, particularly lights and effects
-Several bug fixes
-Several new mesh fixes
-Added more Bitter Coast meshes
-Added Clean Alpha Textures as an optional file
-Added Lake Fjalding Anti-Suck as an optional file
-Repackaged for BAIN
-Workaround for OpenMW users
-More meshes have been included, particularly lights and sixth house assets
-LODs for many meshes to improve performance noticably
-Now contains a lot more meshes
-Some fixes and improvements to already existing meshes
-New optional download that includes better alpha-mapped textures for Alpha Test
-Fix for Hrothmund's Barrow
-Big update for Solstheim. Many meshes have been optimized and now have proper collisions and new UVs.
 This should give a big performance and small visual improvement.
-Meshes for daedric ruins on Vvardenfell and Solstheim have been optimized.