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Reworks the StoneWood pass

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I love the StoneWood pass. It’s one of my favourite mods. After many years of playing with it, there were a couple of things I decided to change as they felt a bit off.

- Removed the pines: they’re Solstheim stuff, not fitting for the West Gash

- Reduced the number of rocks: FPS issues plus too many statics made the landscape look overly detailed compared to the rest

- Reworked rocks placement: having many rocks scaled to 2.0 and rotated almost horizontally looks unnatural from a distance

- Reworked the entire pass so it looks less broken and abandoned. Walking through an abandoned pass up the mountains is cool, but when you think about it from a lore perspective, does it make sense that the road between Balmora (the main city of house Hlaalu) and Cladera (the city with the biggest ebony mine in Morrowind) is completely abandoned? It’s still a lonely walk up the mountains, but now it looks like there’s some maintenance going on.

- Removed the chasm and the invisible collision walls: interesting detail but vanilla MW doesn't do that

The real genius of original mod was, in my opinion:

- Forcing you into a path to make the distance between Balmora and Caldera feel much bigger

- Making good use of the rocky atmosphere of the West Gash

This is what I tried to preserve.

That being said, I hope you enjoy the mod :)


Differently from the original one, this is meant to be used with vanilla rocks and trees. It can be used with vanilla friendly rocks and trees replacers of course, like correct UV rocks and MD's West Gash trees replcer.

Patches available here:

- Foyada Mamaea Overhaul: patch (additional esp)
- Caldera Mine Expanded: needs both an esp replacer and an additional esp. Unusual setup but it's a better alternative to a merged esp should I decided to change the mod a little bit in the future.
- Caldera Mine Expanded - Simplified and bug free (my fork of the mod): only an additional esp needed.
- Traveling merchants: you can follow the traveling NPC through the entire journey from Balmora to Caldera
- Riders by Rotat

Already compatible with Beautiful Cities of Morrowind/Balmora Seat of Power.
The patches for the original one available in the zip of BCoM will be deleted with the next update as I will only be supporting this version of the StoneWood pass from now on.

Loard order
Taking into account all the conflicting mods that I know of, this is the load order:

Foyada Mamaea Overhaul.ESP
Better Landscapes Stonewood Pass (RP Edit).esp
Beautiful cities of Morrowind.ESP
SWP - Foyada Mamaea Overhaul Patch.ESP
SWP - Caldera Mine Patch.ESP

Mag1cWind0w: original mod
Melchior Dahrk: stone bridge resource