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The Concept Art Palace mod (C.A.P.) is my attempt to bring the Vivec palace closer the original Kirkbride's concept art.

The palace is now back to be worthy of God.

Permissions and credits

Concept Art Palace (C.A.P.)

The Concept Art Palace mod (C.A.P.) aims to bring the Vivec palace closer to Michael Kirkbride's original concept art, restoring its divine grandeur. This mod transforms the palace into a structure worthy of divine presence.

I. Requirements
II. Description
III. Compatibility
IV. Installation and Removal
V. Credits and Permissions
VI. Suggested Mods

I. Requirements:
  • Morrowind
  • Tribunal
  • Bloodmoon
  • Tamriel_Data
  • OAAB_Data
II. Description:
In stark contrast to the vanilla dome's simplicity, the palace concept art depicts a majestic sight: a blazing green fire surrounded by eight
revolving planets, constructed from bronze, glass, and opal. This installation is fully customizable via a FOMOD-BAIN installer, providing
pictures, descriptions, and instructions for installing the various options. Take your time to read them properly.

The 3 main versions are:

A symmetric palace, with 3 set of stairs and 4 chapels dedicated to praise Vivec.
An Asymmetric palace with 2 set of stairs and 2 chapels that functions as Vivec's chambers.
An untouched version which leave the Palace exterior untouched.

Following this design as closely as possible, CAP main version includes the following folders:

    00 Core
        meshes: Contains mesh files necessary for the mod.
        textures: Contains texture files necessary for the mod.

    01 Symmetrical Palace
        meshes: Contains mesh files specific to the symmetrical palace design.
        Concept art palace.ESP: Plugin file for the symmetrical palace design.

    01 Asymmetrical Palace
        meshes: Contains mesh files specific to the asymmetrical palace design.
        Concept art palace.ESP: Plugin file for the asymmetrical palace design.

    02 Interior Cluttering (Optional)
        CAP_Interior_Cluttering.ESP: Plugin file for cluttering the interior of the palace with plants.

    03 Flame - Option 1 to 04 Flame - (Optional)
        These folders contain different options for flames, each with its own set of mesh and texture files (where needed).
        Obviously you can choose only 1 type flame.

    04 Rotating Planets (Optional)

        CAP_Rotating_Planets.ESP: Plugin file for adding rotating planets.

    05 Doorstep - Vanilla hand and 05 Doorstep - ESO Style (Optional)
        These folders contain texture files for different doorstep styles.

    06 Columns - Dunmer Inscriptions (Columns) and  Columns - Dunmer Inscriptions (Palace) and Columns - Untouched Palace and others (Optionals)

        These folders contain texture and mesh files for different engraving options for the palace columns and palace itself.
        You should choose the right one for the type of palace of you choice. (Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, etc...)
        The Dunmer Letters Columns and Palace can be used together on the Symmetrical and Asymmetrical version.
    07 Decorated Bridge (Optional)
        CAP_Bridge.ESP: Plugin file for decorating the bridge.

    08 Cluttered Staircase (Optional)
    CAP_Cluttered Staircase.ESP and CAP_Illuminated Staircase.ESP: Plugin files for cluttering and illuminating the staircase.
    You can use the CAP_Cluttered Staircase.ESP and CAP_Illuminated Staircase.ESP together.
     Contains a BcoM patch for the illuminated staircase.

    09 Unique Door (Optional)
    CAP_Door.ESP: Plugin file for adding a unique door in the Vivec palace main entrance.

    10 TR Water - Symmetric - Original Colour and others (Optional)
    These folders contain mesh files for different versions of water replacement. Use the symmetric version for the symmetric palace.
    Use the asymmetric version for the asymmetric palace etc. They come in different colors.

    11 Vanilla Resolution Textures (Optional)
    Contains texture files for vanilla resolution textures.

III. Compatibility:
This mod is compatible with any mod that does not directly alter Vivec's palace and bridge. Safe-to-use mods include Morrowind Rebirth, Dramatic Vivec, Versus Vivec, and Illuminated Palace of Vivec. Note that Distant Land currently cannot render animated objects, resulting in stationary planets and flameless domes from a distance.

IV. Installation and Removal:

To install, it's highly recommended to use a mod manager such as Mod Organizer 2 or Wrye Mash, make your life easier.

If you want to do it manually, read carefully the folder descriptions above and follows the options for the various palaces as depicted in the last mod image.

In general:
If you choose the Symmetric version stick to symmetric options
If you chose the Asymmetric version stick  to Asymmetric options
If you choose the untouched palace stick to the untouched options.

While this mod should not harm your game, always create a backup as a precaution.

V. Credits and Permissions:
This mod would not have been possible without the Resdayn Revival Team and their Ghostgate Fortress mod. The planets textures and holy fire are credited to the N'Wahs & Mushrooms team, with special thanks to contributors Koxae, zaebok_kun, and Axemagister.

  • Properly credit the Resdayn Revival Team and N'Wahs & Mushrooms team for their respective contributions.
  • Credit Enclavekiller1 for Palace of Vekh.
  • Credit Leyawynn for the vanilla optional version.
VI. Suggested Mods:
For an enhanced experience, consider using this mod alongside:
  • Dramatic Vivec: Enhances Vivec's visual impact.
  • Passage of Prayers: Expands Vivec's lore and atmosphere.