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The Concept Art Palace mod (C.A.P.) is my attempt to bring the Vivec palace closer the original Kirkbride's concept art.

The palace is now back to be worthy of God.

Permissions and credits

The Concept Art Palace mod (C.A.P.) is my attempt to bring the Vivec palace closer to the original Kirkbride's concept art.
The palace is now back to be worthy of God.


I. Requirements
II. Description
III. Compatibility
IV. Installation and Removal
V. Credits and permissions
VI. Suggested mods

I. Requirements:

- Morrowind
- Tribunal
- Bloodmoon
- Tamriel_data
- OAAB_data

II. Description

A sharp contrast from the basic vanilla dome (presumably for performance reasons and limited draw distance), the palace concept art depicts a blazing green fire surrounded by eight revolving planets (plus moons) constructed from bronze, glass, and opal.

To achieve so the mod change the palace interiors and exteriors, adding a second stair, a new set of obelisks, and side chapels. In an optimized all-in-one solution.

An optional version named "palace untouched" leaves the place's exteriors and interiors untouched and provides modularity between the main features of the mod using add-on.  All four plugins the are part of the optional version are fully optional and do not require each other.

A further optional version has been made available by Leyawynn with particular attention to stay true to vanilla's texture sizes and a new set of daedric engravings.

Please view the screenshots and video to get a better idea of the different options and animations, keeping in mind that your particular mod list may result in a somewhat differing palace exterior (mostly when it comes to vanilla re-textures and mods adding guards, candles, and other decorations).

Following this design as closely as possible, CAP main version includes the following folders:

        00 - Core Files
            Contains all the required meshes and textures, as well as the default (and recommended) CAP Dome plugin for a single majestic flame, and three add-ons that enhance the palace bridge with decorative lamp-fountains, the palace columns with glowing Daedric runes, and the entrance with a unique door and engraved doorstep.

        01 - Dome - Small Fires
            CAP plugin for numerous flames around a more complex 3D glow effect. Less performance-friendly than the default version.

        02 - Dome - No Fire
            CAP plugin for only a flameless 3D glow model. Better performance than the default version.

        03 - Dome - Planets Only
            CAP plugin for no flames or glow whatsoever. No performance impact (for modern computers, anyway).
        04 - Doorstep - ESO
            Change the palace doorstep with the ordinator hand from ESO

        05 - GitD - patch
            CAP plugin to add compatibility with Glow in the Dahrk

Please make sure to read the README text file into the optional untouched version for detail on the options in that version.

III. Compatibility

This should be compatible with anything that doesn't directly change Vivec's palace and bridge, making the following mods safe to use: Morrowind Rebirth, Dramatic Vivec, Versus Vivec, and Illuminated Palace of Vivec. Note that the mod already contains the interiors from the Palace of Vekh mod, if you already have Palace of Vekh installed, I suggest you deactivate it.

Note that Distant Land presently cannot render animated objects, making the dome's planets appear stationary and flame-less from afar.

IV. Installation and Removal

Manager: Mod Organizer 2 or Wrye Mash is highly recommended for easy installation, activation, and removal.

Manual: Extract contents of "00 - Core Files" folder to your Morrowind Data Files directory, overwrite if needed, then extract the contents of any desired patch folders, let those overwrite, and finally enable any desired plugins in the Morrowind Launcher. To remove this mod, simply deactivate its plugins.

Dome and doorstep options can be exchanged and overwritten without issue.

NOTE: Although this mod should not harm your game in any way, always create a backup just in case. I cannot be held responsible for how CAP may interact with your particular mod list and saved game. To repair a saved game, follow these steps:

V. Credits

This mod would have never been possible without the work of the Resdayn Revival Team and their Ghostgate Fortress. 

The planets textures and the holy fire is all work of the N'Wahs & mushrooms team to which all main credits goes:

The engravings add-on textures are made by me as well as the mesh, with the exception of part of the bridge fountain for which all credits go to the original author of dramatic Vivec LondonRook.

Thanks to Zobator and MD for making the GitD patch possible.
Thanks to Ravenorror and  Spacedevo for polishing the final product and making it lighter.
Thanks to Leyawynn for the vanilla optional version.
Special Thanks to RandomPal for the support, the interiors, the testing, the OpenMW version, etc, etc.

Make sure to credit the Resdayn Revival Team if you want to use or modify their planets or glow.
Make sure to credit the N'Wahs & mushrooms team (Koxae,zaebok_kun, Axemagister) if you want to use or modify their planet's textures or glow.
Make sure to credit Enclavekiller1 for his Palace of Vekh (
Make sure to credit Leyawynn for the vanilla optional version.

VI. Suggested mods

I suggest using this mod together with mine:

Dramatic Vivec:
Illuminated palace of Vivec:
Passage of prayers: