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The Great Seawall stands south of Vivec, serving as a fortification to repel naval assaults against the city, and as a chokepoint to control maritime traffic to and from Ebonheart and Vivec. It offers splendid views of both the Ascadian Isles and the Inner Sea.

Permissions and credits
"The Great Seawall of Vivec once served as a proud naval fortification to protect against possible maritime assaults on the water-founded city of Vivec. While the Ordinators of the Tribunal Temple still maintain the structure, in these days of the Septim Empire it serves primarily as a chokepoint for the Imperials to control smuggling in and out of Norvayn Bay. EEC cutters often meet ships entering the bay at the great gate to inspect them for contraband. It is also a popular tourist destination for Ascadia's lords and ladies of leisure. It offers unparalleled views of the Inner Sea, and one can even see as far as the Mainland on clear days."

Inspired by the concept art of Vivec City for Skywind, the Great Seawall of Vivec adds a large sea fortification south of Vivec. It is primarily an aesthetics only mod, but it does have a few services. A small mess hall with basic dining services can be found in one of the towers on the seawall. Also a new tour guide can be found south of Ebonheart who will offer tours (travel service) out to the seawall battlements, as well as lead tourists back to Ebonheart for a small fee.


This mod should be compatible with the vast majority of mods in the area.

Here is the known compatibility status for several mods:

Beautiful Cities of Morrowind by RandomPal - Compatible
Concept Art Palace (Vivec City) by Vegetto et al. - Compatible
Galen's Quest for Truth by Danae and Katya Karrel - Compatible
Vivec Lighthouse by mwgek - Compatible
Little Landscapes - Path to Vivec Lighthouse by GlitterGear - Compatible
Little Landscapes- Vivec Islands by GlitterGear - Compatible (Replacement patch available)
Mournhold Style Canton by WulfShaman - Compatible (Shorter Version only)


1. Install all of the files in the file marked "00 Core".

3. If you prefer the look of the Shorter Version install the 01 folder. This version should be used if you also have Mournhold Style Canton installed.

2. If you use Little Landscapes- Vivec Islands by GlitterGear, choose the 02 folder.


The OAAB_Data and Tamriel_Data teams for their resources used heavily in this mod.
The Ancestral Ashkhans for their Velothi resources from Secrets of the Crystal City.
DimNussens for his Velothi gatehouse used at the entrance to the seawall.
Veet and Craigor for the Velothi plaza mesh used in some interiors.