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Select from 27 different backgrounds, each with their own unique effects.

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Character Backgrounds

This mod adds a new Background Menu, which is triggered at the end of character generation. Select from 27 different backgrounds, each with their own unique effects. Backgrounds range from simple stat changes to fully scripted events that completely change the way you play the game. Will you be a Famed Warrior, powering up your infamous blade by defeating your rivals in combat? Or the Rat King, summoning hordes of rats to do your bidding? The choice is yours!

  • 27 Unique backgrounds to choose from
  • MCM Menu for customising various backgrounds
  • Other mods can add their own backgrounds with an easy to use API
  • Powered by MWSE+Lua for maximum compatibility, stability and seamless integration

Unzip this mod into your /Morrowind folder.
This mod requires MGE XE and MWSE 2.1

Adding your own Backgrounds
To add your own backgrounds, call the addBackground() function from the interop file and pass it a background definition.

local function intialize(e)
local interop = require("mer.characterBackgrounds.interop")
local testBackground = {
id = "test",
name = "A Test Background",
description = "Put a description here",
doOnce = function()
--Only called once, when the background is activated
reference = tes3.player,
attribute = tes3.attribute.intelligence,
value = 100
callback = function(data)
--This function is called when BG is activated and during onLoad event

Background ideas were inspired by those in Arcanum of Steamworks and Magick Obscura, Dungeons and Dragons, and ideas provided by the Morrowind Modding Community Discord.

Uses MGE XE and MWSE 2.1 Dev version. Not compatible with OpenMW.

Blood Drinker sword mesh made by RedFurryDemon

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