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100+ classes (vanilla, NPC classes, TR classes, new classes) that get a specific set of items and/or spells and powers as well as MWSE skill buffs. specifically tailored to your class.
Loadouts include vanilla, TR, OAAB, and, depending on your modlist, **items from your mods.**
Includes custom classes

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  • main.lua update

KNOW ISSUE: due to how the MW engine works (or in this case, doesn't!), if you have multiple enchanted items equipped right after chargen, you need to unequip these items first. That's it.

Documentation done on all classes

Ahead of the classes makes many vanilla and TR classes playable and adds many new classes.

All these classes get a specific set of items and/or spells and powers as well as buffs to MWSE Skills. 
The items are class-specific and the spell crafted with role-play in mind.

Loadouts include vanilla, TR, OAAB and, depending on your modlist, items and MWSE skill buffs from your mods.

Custom classes also get starting loadout (items and spells).

I LOVE LOVE LOVE creating a new character. I've been using a bunch of mods that are the direct inspiration for this one.
So if Ahead of the Classes is not your cup of tea, please take a look at the Credits section where you'll find similar mods (including non-MWSE mods).

35 vanilla NPC classes made playable:
Alchemist, Apothecary, Bookseller, Buoyant Armiger, Caretaker,  Champion, Clothier, Commoner, Dreamers, Enchanter, Enforcer, Farmer, Gardener, Guard, Healer, Herder, Hunter, Journalist, King, Mabrigash, Merchant, Miner, Necromancer, Noble, Ordinator, Pauper, Pawnbroker, Publican, Shaman, Sharpshooter,  Slave, Smith, Smuggler, Trader, Wise Woman

10 Tamriel Rebuilt NPC classes made playable
Baker, Banker, Cat-catcher, Courtesan, Dockworker, Fisherman, Jarl, Ore Mine,r Sailor, Scribe

40+ new classes
Arcane Knight, Arcanist, Arcane Archer, Archeologist, Artificer, Artisan, Battle Alchemist, Beastmaster, Bounty Hunter, Dervish mesmer, Diplomat, Diresinger, Druid, Duelist, Fallen Paladin, Gambler, Gladiator, Hermit, Hood, Jester, Juggler, Marauder, Mercenary, Ninja, Paladin, Pearl Diver, Pirates, Plagueherald, Poacher, Poet, Pugilist, Pyromancer, Queen, Ranger, Reaver, Sage, Sand-runner, Scavenger, Seraph, Shadow, Shadowdancer, Silver Hand, Skald, Spearman, Stormcaller, Succubus/Incubus, Summoner, Thaumaturge, Travelling Artist, Vagabond, Vampire Hunter, Vestal, Veteran, Warlord

Note 1: I only came up with a dozen of classes, ~20 come from Pianobadgers' Class mod, others I saw in other mods like Stripe's Moar Classes but made my own class.

Note 2: classes from An Addendum to Tamrielic Lore Data and The Astrologer and the Nightsky are NOT in this mod but do get their custom loadout of gear, spells, and skills

All of these classes will get items and spells on character creation. The items are vanilla, TR, and OAAB.
Additionally, Ahead of The Classes will recognise some 30~ from your modlist and will use their items (and skills) as well when appropriate.

Mods recognised by Ahead of the Classes: 
A Bard's Life, An Issue of Thrust, Alchemist's Arsenal, Apoapse's Alchemy, Ashfall, Blasphemous Revenants, Booze for Purists, Calling Cards, Chalks, Demon of Knowledge, Denina's Hot Beverages, Fishing With Fishing Poles Expansion, Friends and Foes,  Go Fletch, Imperial Factions, Illy's Oh My Goddess, Jokes of Daggerfall, Joy of PaintingKilling Spree, Lich Robes, Lucky Coins, Mantle of Ascension, Morrowind Trading Cards, Mudcarb Imports, MWSE Staff Skill, Necrocraft,  Olaf's Best Cloaks in Town, Panoplies,  Potted Plants, Read Aloud, Shinies, Taddeus' Foods of Tamriel, Tamrielic Tomahawks, The Assassin's Arsenal, The Guar Whisperer, The Way of the Necromancer, Treasure Maps, Ultimate Fishing, Vampire Realism, Wands, Water Life.

A few things I did when making the loadouts:
  • I took into account all 10 skills unless some skills felt like a "filler": many classes are given athletics for example when the class is not particularly athletic
  • For working classes, I often gave them a tool as a weapon. The farmer for example has blunt skill and gets a shovel which is a blunt weapon.
  • When a class is particularly wealthy or a great specialist, I gave them a better quality item. For example, the Knight gets a steel long sword, while other classes get an iron saber.
  • Synergy between classes: classes with H2H and medium armour gets bonemold gauntlets of the Horny first, spellcasters with light armour get a hood, working classes with light armour get a wicket hat, etc.
  • I gave a little bit of clutter for some classes: the publican starts with a few bottles, the pawnbroker with bowls and cups, etc.
  • I aimed for items and spells worth 300 septims. You make easily that much raiding the Census Office and collecting the freebies (tree stumps!) Bethesda left for you. The goal for me is to be able to start playing my class straight away without having to steal (or being tempted to) a limeware platter.

As you level up, you can talk to npcs about your abilities and get a new perk, power, or ability. This is directly imported from Balathustrius' Class Abilities. Perls can be abilities (resiances and buffs) or powers.

I highly recommend Written in the Stars, the birthsign mod made to complement this mod

Simply use your preferred mod manager or drop into your Data Files folder

Compatible with

Not recommended (though compatible)
  • Tizzo's Useful Starting Spells > you might end up with many spells, a lot of them not tailored to your class.
  • Merlord's Starting gear > you would end up with many items, many doubled because both mods look at your skills to determine your items.
  • Playable NPC Classes> may result in doubles

Merlord for letting me borrow the code from Starting Equipment and adding to it so that MWSE skills also taken into account
Aurel for modifying Merlord's code so that spells can be added as well.
Pianobadger for his Class mod, I borrowed a lot of classes with his permission.
Balathustrius' Class Abilities for the "ability" topic and the new perks
Atrayonis' Playable NPC classes, he was the first to make TR classes playable, I just followed suit.
Stripes' Moar Classes gave me ideas for classes as well.
Not really a credit but worth a mention:
Spuzzum's Starting Equipment, an older mod I liked as well. It gave the player modified vanilla gear to be of lower quality so it is balanced but you had to start the game in Seyda Neen. I took nothing from this mod, but it is a good non-MWSE option for starting gear.
Tizzo's Useful Starting Spells. I've played with this mod for years, a great non-MWSE option.