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The Siege at Fort Firemoth is no longer a task dealt with by a ragtag bunch of mercenaries; the legion is taking it's honour into its own hands to deal with this problem now. The fort is now given a proper mining complex and docks, and is now repopulated after it's been liberated.

Permissions and credits
"Do not speak of it. Do not go there. Only the legions of the dead guard the walls now."

This is a mod that overhauls the Siege at Firemoth official plugin and makes it a legion-exclusive quest. I thought it was strange that the siege was considered a great disgrace to the legion and a matter of honour, but Sellus Gravius would sent the player on a mission with a bunch of hired mercenaries to liberate the fort.

This mod changes many aspects of the original plugin, including
  • The quest is now Legion exclusive: the player must be a Knight Bachelor of the Legion to accept this quest.
  • The mercenaries are now proper legionnaires, no more of the Legion hiring rando mercs to do their dirty work.
  • The lich boss Grurm is significantly easier, though will still be a tough fight.
  • The fort interrior has been optimised and made more logic-friendly; no more hidden doors in illogical places or huge empty halls filled with nothing but enemies.
  • The fort and mine are now repopulated by the Legion after your successful liberation. No longer will the fort stay abandoned after you clear it out.
  • Several new areas have been added to the fort, including a bunkhouse where miners live in between shifts, and a new Census and Excise warehouse where contraband goods are kept in Legion custody and a clerk keeps tabs on them.
  • The Ward of Akavir is no longer removed from the game when you complete the quest, and will be availible to borrow when the player challenges Varus Vantinius for the position of the Knight of the Imperial Dragon, and can subsequently borrowed and returned once the player gets the position. Check with the fort priest in the barracks if you want to use the shield.
  • A player home in the upper chambers upon the fort's successful liberation. This includes several services, including a trader, trainer and bartender.

Some things I want to update later on include
  • New mesh for the Ward of Akavir and maybe unique enemies
  • Some commander duties for the player to do post liberation, or some other quests/events.
  • Unique rewards based on choices and surviving legionnaires.

This mod will also be part of my legion expansion mod coming out soon.

This mod is built on the original plugin, meaning you only need to download this mod. This means it's incompatible with the original mod, and any other Firemoth mod for that matter. This also includes the Unofficial Morrowind Official Plugins Patched mod, which has a patched version of Firemoth (Though this mod also includes most of the same fixes anyway). A possible workaround would be to delete the Firemoth references from UMOPP, but I might try look into a patch for it.

This mod should be compatible with Tamriel Rebuilt, though there is some land tearing with TR_Preview.esp.

Thanks to abot for sharing a script to get the post-liberation banners!
Thanks also to DarkElfGuy for featuring the mod in Morrowind Modding Showcases!

Feel free to edit this mod as you like. I don't mind anyone editing and publishing an edit of the mod, just as long as it isn't a direct reupload of it.

If you want to follow development the mod, report any bugs or contribute to the my Legion expansion project, you can join my discord here.