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Replaces pearls with HD models and textures. Includes OAAB_Data pearls and new pearl varieties. Optional add-on adds new pearl-themed items to the game.

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This mod replaces the pearl ingredient with a shiny new HD model and texture. It gives the same treatment to the gold and black pearls from OAAB_Data and the black and kardesh pearls from Tamriel_Data. It also adds more variety to the types of pearls which can be found while pearl diving (or in any loot that uses the `random_pearl` leveled list). An optional plugin adds 4 new amulets to the game which continue the pearl theme. They come in common, expensive, extravagant, and exquisite qualities. These amulets can be found on the drowned corpses in the game or in random loot.

This mod meets the Underwater & Sanctuary challenge themes for Modathon by including underwater pearls and one of the pearl varieties can be used to create potions with the Sanctuary effect.

Version 1.3.0 and later also includes tooltips for all new items if you use Tooltips Complete.

While this is technically compatible with my old Pearls Enhanced mod, this is intended to supersede it and not be used together.

There is a very rare type of pearl which can be found in kollops with this mod (if you use the optional Pearl Trinkets add-on). It's useful on its own for alchemy. But if you also have Dwemer Beam Blades installed, it can be used as a crafting component in even more powerful beam blades!

Requires OAAB_Data

00 Core - includes just the vanilla and OAAB_Data pearl replacers and the new pearl varieties in leveled lists
01 Pearl Trinkets - a merged plugin which includes the new pearls and the new pearl amulets
02 Dynamic Object Replacer - an optional add-on if you use Dynamic Object Replacer which will replace some pearls in the game world with the new varieties.
03 Tamriel_Data Pearl Replacer - replaces the pearls in Tamriel_Data with models and textures from this mod