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Overhaul of almost every settlement of Morrowind inspired by concept art and aimed at a vanilla+ feeling.

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Here we are! This is the culmination of my work on the settlements of Morrowind.
My love letter to this old and beautiful game. To its alien and magic atmosphere that still manages to draw me in, 20 years after the release.

Hours upon hours of work at my desk, with Aphex Twin on the background and my girlfriend telling me I should stop spending my time tweaking the position of a barrel or a crate while running around as an half naked dark elf with a bun :P

This merges most of my town overhauls and some other location overhauls into one single package, tweaked for compatibility and convenience.

Important to notice that this doesn't directly merges the mods included into it but also changes many things compared to the original mods.

The more time I spent on modding towns, the more pointless a huge departure from vanilla felt. For this reason, some of my "biggest" or "over the top" expansions have been re-done from scratch or toned town dramatically compared to my stand-alone overhauls.

Some locations are not covered, for the simple reason that there's excellent mods that overhaul those locations and that are in active development or maintained by the authors (I'm thinking about Tel Mora and OAAB Grazelands by MD).


This is a compilation of town overhauls inspired by an appreciation for Morrowind's original world design and Michael Kirkbride's concept art work.

Rather than forcing something new into the game, the goal was to enhance vanilla, adding details and restoring some elements seen in concept art but never implemented by Bethesda.

Since I personally made or curated every overhaul in the compilation, you can rest assured that the style and design elements are coherent and consistent from town to town.

A big effort has also been made to keep the FPS cost as low as possible, something the individual mods included here sometimes forgot about (I'm guilty of this too, I admit it :P).

Lastly, the archive has over 70 compatibility patches, as one of the goals of this project was to be highly compatible with other cool mods.

The only mods that are utterly incompatible are town overhauls that touch the same areas, but I think that's pretty obvious.
House mods are, likewise, usually incompatible. There's only two house mods I patched for this: Welcome Home and Apartments of Morrowind, the most vanilla-friendly and extensive ones I could find.

Mods included/replaced by this or that should not be used as the esp here already does something similar

Balmora - Seat of Power of House Hlaalu (and the mods merged into it)
Ald'ruhn - Seat of power of House Redoran (not exactly included as Ald-Ruhn has been re-done from scratch)
Sadrith Mora - Sear of Power of House Telvanni (heavily reworked and toned down)
Suran - The Pearl of the Ascadian Isles (Both in White and Vanilla style, you can change it on the fly with a simple esp)
Seyda Neen - Gateway to Vvardenfell (base version with new lighthouse design)
Majestic Ebonheart (Tweaked version)
HOTV Gnisis
Properly Cluttered Ald Velothi
Hla Oad
More detailed Places - Gnaar Mok (revised a bit)
More detailed Places - Khuul (revised a bit)
Moonmoth Legion Fort Overhaul
The Ashlanders
Tel Aruhn Chronicles
Molag Mar + Closed Molag Mar (and some tweaks to turn the plaza into an interior/exteriors like in Atmospheric Plazas of Vivec or Glass Domes)
Mixed Cantons of Vivec/Rethinking Vivec/Vivec Waistworks Expansion
RR - Holamayan Monastery
More wells - an addon for Ashfall
Tel Branora Lighthouse (the version with an interior by pisnivv, but the interior has been made into an occupied lighthouse rather than a house mod)
Dockside Dock clutter
Cladera Mages Guild Expansion 
Ald'Ruhn Mages Guild Expansion (only some bits)
We Will Go To Mount Assarnibibi
Velothi Striderports Lights (but I used a smoothed, optimized model)
Exterior Guild Lighting

Seven Graces Shrines Enhanced
Barabus Fireplaces (without changes to the exteriors)
The Drop Off
RR Ghostgate Fortress
Improved temple experience
Dramatic Temple Canton
Inscribed Maar Gan Rock
Vivec Guild of Mages Expansion
Even Seedier Eight Plates
Dirty Muriel's Expansion
Dirtier Cozier Muriel's Cornerclub
Edwinna Study
Into the Fyr
Lively Black Shalk Cornerclub
Atmospheric Delights

Why use this instead of the original mods - what's new here?

Beautiful Cities is more than a simple merge of mods.

- In many cases, the mods listed as merged have been reworked dramatically, to ensure the quality is up to standards. The polishing process has been going on for over a year at this point and it wasn't just about fixing issues and little bugs. Over time I gained more knowledge about Morrowind, I started working with the TR team and I simply improved as a modder.
Some of the fundamental issues with the mods merged into this were related to design more so than lack of polish, and I'm convinced I fixed that too at this point.

- Assets and FPS optimization: don't underestimate this point. To give you an example, the original HOTV had over 1200 refs in the main cell. The version included here has a bit more than 800, plus optimized and atlased versions of the new assets, resulting in a 15 FPS gain when compared with the original, standalone mod.

- TR_data and OAAB_data integration for an overall more organic experience when using Tamriel Rebuilt and the OAAB mod series

- A LOT of new content that's not available as standalone mods. At some point I started to focus more on interiors so there's many interior overhauls. For example, every common/imperial shop has been overhauled using the expanded set provided by TR_data and OAAB_data. A showcase of this is my Verick Germain's shop overhaul, released as a standalone mod.

- Compatibility with many mods: the zip has over 70 compatibility patches.
Despite being "simple" patches, this means you can experience the coolest stuff made by the community over the years, something that is just not possible otherwise.

To give you some examples:

If you want to use RR Ghostgate fortress and Holidays Across Tamriel you're out of luck as there's no patch;
How abot HOTV Gnisis and Abot's silt striders? Same thing;
Correspondaces of Morrowind is incompatible with pretty much every interior overhaul mod;

I could write 3 pages of examples if I wanted to go on. In any case, it's all been taken care of here.


Step 1: Requirements
First off, this requires both OAAB_data and Tamriel_data.

Please notice that Tamriel_data requires you to register the two .bsa files that come with it, and that registering bsa files is slightly different on Morrowind.exe compared to OpenMW.

Using mod managers like WryeMash and Morrowind Organizer 2 also change the process a little bit. It takes 5 seconds to properly register the bsas but if you load the game and find multiple missing meshes (yellow triangles with an exclamation mark in the middle) then the issue is 99% related to incorrect registration of the bsas.

Step 2: Core
- You need to install 00 Core and then the other two 01 and 02 folders: they offer two different cluttering options for the Hlaalu Council Plaza and for the waterfront in Balmora.
Check the screenshots to see what option you like better.

- It's also necessary to install the 03 folder: there's 2 different options for Morrowind.exe and OpenMW

Step 3: Patches

- All the patches are optional, they're just patches for other mods. If you decide to use the patches, don't forget to install the assets from the original mods.

Detailed doc on what the patches do and how they need to be used (by Kriiks)


The grass patches have you 100% covered for the mods included in this compilation and there's also variants for a couple of other mods that needed it and that I consider great additions like The Stonwoodepass or Kogoruhn Expanded.
A couple of notes about the grass patches: 

- Remiros Groundcover has full support with every single region covered

- Aesthesia Groundcover is mostly supported but currently lacks patches for the West Gash. I don't personally use Aesthesia Groundcover for the WG region so the motivation to make patches for it is quite low.

- The only patch available here for the AL module of Remiros Groundocover is meant to be used alongside both Red Mountain Reborn and Kogoruhn Expanded.
If you're not using these two mods, you can just use the original Rem_AL module.

- Likewise, the only GL module for Remiros Groundcover bundled here is for people using Trackless Grazelands. Those NOT using Trackless GL can simply use the original Rem_GL as this doesn't actually need any patch for the GL.

Many regions have multiple patches, use the readme inside the individual folders if you're not sure what patch you should use.
They all work as replacer for the original esp files and can't be used together.
For example, the WG folder for Remiros Groundcover has two options:

- Rem_WG - StoneWood Pass -> to be used if you're also using any of the esp that has the StoneWood pass merged into it

- Rem_WG -> to be used if you're not using the StoneWood pass

The naming scheme should be pretty straightforward.


For those who don't know about it, Mlox is a simple program that will sort your load order. 
This is an addon to the list of Mlox rules, mantained by me, abot, Lucevar and Danae. It has a ton of rules and will fix countless issues for you in just one click.
Get it here:


Details about the credits are in the specific tab.
What I'd like to say here is that this project stands on the shoulders of many many members of the community who let me use their work or who helped me out during the course of the last year. I'm am grateful to all of you.