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A patch to get a compilation of mods to work together, to create a stable build.

Permissions and credits
We all been there. Downloading every cool mod we can think of just to watch the game crash to desktop (CTD) over and over again. After months going through almost every popular mod on this site and constantly rebuilding my patch, I finally have a stable build that is ready to share.

Required Mods and their Load Order

Spring Cleaning
Sim Settlements
Armor Keywords
Barstool Games & (BarstoolGames.esm, Barstool games_FH.esp, Barstoolgames_nw.esp)<-- ONLY If you are using the 2.1 or above patch


Armorsmith Extended
Fallout Loot Overhaul
War of the Commonwealth & (WTOC Experimental Fixes)
Beantown Interiors Project & (Btint_Optimization, Bint Menus)
Mojave Imports
Better The Third Rail
Commonwealth Chooks and Bunnies
Eli's Armour Compendium
Attackers - Get off My Buildzone
Better Settlers & (Better Settlers No Lollygagging, BetterSettlersCCA Pack 2.0, Better Settlers Mortal Pack)
Raider Overhaul
Some Assembly Required
Better Skylanes Flight
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer
Church of Atom Overhaul & (Atomic Warlord No Mod, Atomic Warlord CBBE) <--- Atomic Warload CBBE must be loaded last in the series.
Deeper Thoughts - Expressive Curie
Diamond City Swat
Fusion City Rising
Fusion Gun
The Red Wave
Drunken Gnomes
Better Skylanes Flight 1981
APC Home on the Move
Buffed Minutemen Militia
Crossbows of the Commonwealth
Immersive Scrapping
Private Vertibird
Spare Railroad as Institute
Wearable Backpacks and Pouches & ( AWKCR, Ballistic Weave, Power Armor Carry Capacity)
Consistent Power Armor
Better Explosives
Gunsmith Extended
Ammo Crafting Overhaul
True Frags
More Realistic Fire Behavior
Arbitration & (Better Combat AI, Fall Damage Overhaul & Molotov)
Armorsmith Extended ALL DLC Patch
Weapons of Fate
Better Cooking Stations
Combat Helmet Illumination
Buildable Power Armor Frames & (Build-able PA Frames Recipes)
Lightsaber Renew
Craftable Lightsaber Remade
Companion and NPC's Face replacer All in one Pack
More Smarter Companions
Live Action Handy
The Mercenary Pack
West Tek Tactical optics
Synth Overhaul
Whirligig Sentry
Doom Weapons Merged
Better UFO Crash Site
Commonwealth Challenges
Commonwealth Livestock
Better Explosives & (BE_Enhanced Grenades, Better Explosives Grenade Frequency 30, Better Explosives - Perks Redone)
Improved Shack Bridges
Rich Merchants
Bioshock Inspired Armor
Make Your Own Synths (Production Fix)
NPCs Travel
Cross Break Action Laser
Ending Epilogue Restored
Cross Brotherhood Recon
Movable Power Armor
Army Helmet Upgrades
More Where That Came From Diamond City
Pip Boy Shadows
Conquest <--- ONLY If you are using the 2.2 or above patch
Toggleable Night Vision & (ToggleableNightVision_DefenseGun, ToggleableNightVision_DefenseGunRep) <---- ONLY If you are using the 2.2 or above patch
LootableCrates & (Lootablecrates MergedDLC.esp) <---- 2.2 Patch or above.
Companions Can Sneak <---- 2.2 Patch or above.
Gatling Rifle <---- Requires 3.1 Patch
Accelerator Plasma Energy Weapon
<--- Requires 3.1 Patch
Modular Simonov PTRS-41 Anti-Tank Rifle
<--- Requires 3.1 Patch
M84A3 AMR <----
Requires 3.1 Patch
Alien Assault Rife <---- Requires 3.1 Patch
Cross Uni Headset LevelList version (Cross_CosmeticFramework.esm) <---
Requires 3.1 Patch
Custom Combat Armor & (EndorsCustomCombatArmor_AE.esp, EndorsCustomCombatArmor_VaultSuitDLC_AE.esp) <--- Requires 3.1 Patch
Armored Leotard <--- Needs a patch under the file section
Yurica Summer Dress <--- Needs a patch under the file section
Militarized Minutemen <---- Needs a patch under the file section
Agony <---- Needs a Patch under the file section.
Another Life - Alternative Start Mod <---- Need a patch under the file section
Pip-Pad <----
Need a patch under the file section

(Other Compatible Mods)

Enhanced Lights and FX
Better Weapon Scrap
Settlement Attack DLC Fix
Vertibird Alt Fix
Spring Cleaning Compatibility Patch
Vivid Weathers (FO4, Far Harbor, Nuka World, Natural Bright, Vivid Waters)
Darker Night (DarkerNightsDetection.esp) <--- The two ESPs are not require, unless you use the Darker Nights patch.
Fallout 4 Plus
Pip-Pad Patch <---- Only if you are using Pip-Pad
Darker Night Patch.esp <---- Only if you are using Darker Nights
Yurica Summer Patch <--- Only if you are using Yurica Summer Dress
Militarized Minutemen Patch <--- Only if you are using Militarized Minutemen
Armored Leotard Patch <---- Only if you are using Armored Leotard
Agony Patch <----- Only if you are using Agony
Another Life Patch <--- Only if you are using Another Life - Alternative Start Mod

Compatible Mods

1x1 Craftable Foundation Pieces
4K HD Textures - Power Armors <-- Should be installed before Minuteman Blue T45 Power Armor if using.
512 Standalone Hair Colors
8K Skin Textures <--- If going to use, should be installed after Nuclear Nude CBBE  but before Valkyr Female FACE textures O N L Y!
9x39 Project & (9x39ProjectAWKCR.esp)
Absolutely Skimpy Attire
Additional Shop and Guard Variants
Adjusted Neck and Head Proportions <--- Not compatible with No Collapsed Butt and Chest
Advanced Bubble Turret Set or Advanced Settlement Turret Set <-- Unwise to use both without a patch.
AK5C - A Nordic Relic
AK74M - Assault Rifle
Alien Assault Rifle Animations <--- Must be installed after Alien Assault Rife
A Little Bit of Green  or Touch of Green or True Grass. Pick ONLY one.
Alternate Settlements
Any Mod Any Weapon <---- Load Before Wasteland Imports, Toggleable Night Vision & Gunsmith Extended
Appealing Moles
Armored General
Art Connoisseur System
Assault Carbine and Service Rifle & (DPAssaultCarbineNukaWorld.esp)
Atom Bomb Pinups Paintings
Automatically Lowered Weapons <---Not compatible with Button Lowered Weapons
Autosave Manager
Azar Ponytail Hairstyles
Barber and Surgeon Camera Fix
Basement Living
Battlefield 1 Animation Pack <--- Not compatible with Lowered Weapons & Towbie's Realistic Weapon Sounds
Better Body Physics
Better Console
Better Female Walk <--- Not compatible with Tactical Flashlights
Better Generators
Better Handmade Weapon Textures
Better Junk Fences
Better Settlement Defense
Better Vendor Stalls
BL Guns
Bobble Girl
BoS Pilot Outfit Fix
Brahmin Tipping
Building Blocks

Build Your Own Vault
Bullet Time Slow Time
Busy Settlers

Button Lowered Weapons <---- Not compatible with Automatically Lowered Weapons or Lowered Weapons
Cait as Female Half Super Mutant <--- Must be loaded after my main patch.
Campsite - Simple Wasteland Camping & (Campsite - AWKCR)
Canteens of the Commonwealth
Caravan Shotgun <---- Must be loaded before Housekeeping
Carry Weight Modifications
CBBE NPC Headrear Fix
CBBE Ida Body Texture <--- If going to use, should be installed after Nuclear Nude CBBE  but before Valkyr Female FACE textures O N L Y!
CBBE Innies <--- If going to use, should be installed after Nuclear Nude CBBE  but before Valkyr Female FACE textures O N L Y!
CBBE Simply Clothes for Females
Cherry Hotalings CBBE
Classic Combat Armor
Classical Plain Rings
Classy Chassis Outfitter <--- Either version will work.
Clean Power Armour HUD
Clean Water of the Commonwealth <--- Must be loaded after Vivid Waters.esp
Colonial Attire
Colt 6520 10mm Pistol
Commonwealth Conifers Redux
Commonwealth Cuts - KS Hairdos
Commonwealth Shorts CBBE & (DX Vault Girl Shorts)
Companions Go Home
Companion Heal Thyself
Conelrad - Civil Defense Radio
Confederate Flag
Confederate Flag Navy Jack
Configurable Power Armor Fusion Core Drain
Convenant Peaceful Solution
Courser X-92 Power Suit CBBE
Craftable Animation Markers
Craftable Armor Size & (Craftable Armor Size - Fix Material Requirements)
Crafting Highlight Fix
Craftable Vault 81 Cure
Craftable Vault Elevator for DLC
Crafting Workbench & (Ammo, Ammo expanded, ammo special, automatron dlc, Faction and quest requirements)
Craftable Working Showers
Creative Clutter
Crimsomrider's Accessories (AWKCR-AE)
Cross Cosmetic Framework
Cross Courser Strigidae
Cross Crit Gore-Verhaul <---- Must be loaded after More Realistic Fire Behavior if you are not using the my 5.0 patch.
Cross Cybernetics
Cross Institute Expeditionary Suit
Cross Jet Pack
Cross Ruger MKV
Cross Uni Headset <--- Get the non level list versions and not compatible with Cross Uni Scarf
Cross Uni Scarf <---- Not compatible with Cross Uni Headset
Crows and Creatures Collection
Customizable Targeting HUD
Customize Legendary Enemy Spawning
Cut Weapons Mods Restored & ( CWMR-GOYT-Pathc-AWKCR, CWMR-GOYT-Patch-Gunsmith Extended)
cVc's Dead Wasteland
Daisy Nukes - Cutoff Jeans and much more
Dead Body Collision
Defense Gun
DEF_UI Iconlibs Rescaled and Fixed
Delightful Ivy - HD Vine Reteture
deLuxe Makeup
Dicky's Pinup Outfit CBBE
Digital Nightmare
Dirty Body For Player Correct Install Order. CBBE -> CBBE Head Fix -> NukaNude -> Dirty Body for Player -> Valkyr Female FACE textures O N L Y!
Dynamic Interior Fog Removal
Dynamic Muzzle Shadows
Easy Girl Outfits for CBBE
Easy Hacking
Easy Lockpicking
Easy To See Glowing Bobbleheads
Easy To See Glowing Mags
Easy  To See Glowing Holotapes
Eli's Armour Collection Remade CBBE Version
Elvani's Track Pack <---- Make sure you get the fix.esp
Enclave X-02 Power Armor
Enhanced Blood Textures Standard
Everyone's Best Friend <---- Not compatible with Survival Options
Expanded Settlement Buildings
Eye Normal Map Fix
Eyewear and Mask Retexture
FO4 HotKeys
FalconOil's HD ReTexture Project
Fallen Empire
Fallout Texture Overhaul Pipboy or Star Wars Pip-Boy or Black PIP-BOY or Black and White Pipboy or LED Black Pip-Boy Deluxe CHOOSE ONE!
Fallout 4 Enhanced Color Correction
Fallout 4 Loot Overhaul 2017 edition
Fallout 4 Seasons
Fallout 4 - Texture Optimization Project or Optimized Vanilla Textures or Overhauled Optimized Textures
Fallout 4 Why's CBBE for Granny
Fallout Texture Overhaul Moons
Fallout Texture Overhaul Stars
Fallout Texture Overhaul Power Armors UHD 4k <---- T-45 pack must be installed before Minutemen Blue - T45 Power Armor, if using.
Faraway Area Reform
Faster Terminal Displays
Female Neck Tweaks
Female Outfit Replacer
Female Sexy Sitting and Standing Animation Replacer
Ferals After Dark
FFXV Cindy Mashup Clothing
Fixed Alpha Maps
Flirty Commonwealth
Franky Swimsuit (CBBE)
French Nails for F04
Food Generators
Fusion Generator
G2M Workshop <---- Install / load after Better Junk Fences.
Gastly - Ghoul Eyes Texture
GITS Motoko Kusanagi Outfit
Glorious Female Nude Mod Correct Install Order. CBBE -> CBBE Head Fix -> Dirty Body for Player -> Glorious Female -> Valkyr Female FACE textures O N L Y!
Gloves of the Commonwealth
Glowing Animals Emit Light
Gorgeous Vault-Girl
Grab The Damn Mag
Grafix Texture Overhaul
Grasslands - A Fallout 4 Grass Overhaul
Grenade Cycle Function
Gruffydd's Signs and Posters
Happy Maker 9000

Harness Wardrobe
HD Eyes OR Eyes of Beauty (DON'T USE BOTH!)
HD Smile OR Immersive Mouth and Teeth or Distinctive Teeth (Choose ONE!)
Heather Casdin  & (IlamaCompanionHeather-AE Patch)
Heather Casdin Patches for the mods you use
Hellfire X-03 Power Armor
High Resolution Texture Pack
Homemade Explosives
Homemaker - Expanded Settlements
Holo Time
Housekeeping <---- Must be loaded after Caravan Shotgun
Hunting Shotgun <--- Must be loaded before Non-Generic Vats DLC
Icebreaker - Settlements - Settlers Dialogue Overhaul
Idiot Savant to Idiot Slut
Immersive Fallout - Seasoned Edition
Immersive HUD
Immersive Settlers
Immersive Waiting
Immersive Squeaky Doors
Immersive Sweetrolls
Immersive Vendors
Improved Map with Visible Roads or Satellite World Map or Color Map 4k with Locations CHOOSE ONE!
Increased Build Limit Enhanced
Increased Settler Population
Insanity's Celtic Katana
Insignificant Object Remover <---- <Must be loaded after True Grass.
Intimidation Overhaul
JC - Shirt and Jeans
Josie Body -A CBBE BodySlide Preset
Journal of the Sole Survivor
Just a Hairy Male Body
Just a New Preston - Minutemen Outfit
K - 9 Harness
Kekistanian Flag
Kerrigan Bodysuit
Keynuker and Keyring
Knockout Framework
KS Hairdos - With Physics
Lacy Underwear
LAER (Laser Assisted Electrical Rifle)
Lara's Wetsuit CBBE Version
LC-1 Laser Carbine
Level Up Menu-EX
Lever Action Rifle Reload Fix
Light Support Weapon
Live Dismemberment
Locksmith - Lock Your Doors 'n' containers
Locky Bastard
Long Eye-Lashes
Long Range Bullet Holes
Longer Power Lines 3x
Looks Menu
Looks Menu Body Tattoos CBBE
Looks Mirror
Loot Detector
Lots More Facial Hair
Lots More Female Hairstyle
Lots More Male Hairstyles
Lowered Weapons <--- Not compatible with Battlefield 1 Animation Pack
Lowered Weapons DLC
M29 Devil Revolver
Manufacturing Extended & (Manufacturing Extended FH)
McMillian CS5 - A Standalone Sniper Rifle
Midwestern Power Armor <--- Must be loaded before Btint_Optimization.esp
Midwestern Power Armor HD
Minutemen Blue - T45 Power Armor <--- Should be installed after 4K HD Textures - Power Armors
Minutemen Moral Pack
Minutemen Propaganda Posters
Missie Launcher Targeting System
Mod Configuration Menu <--- Really Necessary
ModDrop - This is War <---- Load After my main patch.
Modular Kitchen
Move That Workbench
NCR Patrolman and Trooper Armors & (foc_ncr_armors_awckr.esp)
New Dialog or Full Dialogue Interface BUT NOT BOTH!
New Vegas Unique Mega Pack
Nezzar's Sexy Outfit Collection
No Aggro Impact Landing
No Collapsed Butt and Chest <--- Not compatible with Adjusted Neck and Head Proportions
No More Creation Club News
No More Fake Puddles
Non-Generic VATS Sound Effects
Northland Diggers
Nuka Gear
Nuka World - Bot Mods Extravaganza
Nuka World - Bottle Scenery Fix
Nuka World Plus
Nuclear Generators
Nuclear Nude <--- See Instructions below on how to install
Ojo Bueno Texture Pack
Old World Radio - Boston
Outfit Switcher
Pack Attack
Parasite Armor Pack
Passive Aggressive Piper
Patch Job
Perk Magazine Material Fix
Pinups of the Wasteland
Pip-Pad & (Pip-Pad_THBrows.esp) <--- Requires a patch. Find under the file section.
Place Everywhere
Plain Earrings for FO4
Ponytail Variations & (Conversions, Elegant, Fairy Tails, Sophisticate, Young at heart)
Portable Junk Recycler
Post Nuclear Outfit CBBE
Power Armor Animation Changes
Power Armor Fast Exit and Enter
Power Armor Jetpack HD
Power Armor Movement Sounds
Power Line Physics
Precusor Suit
PreWar Binoculars
Prisoner Shackles
Proto Vault Suit
QASmoke Complete
Quick Trade
Quieter Settlements & (Contraptions, Wasteland Workshop)
Radiant Birds
Radiant Clouds and Fogs
Raider Overhaul Rebalanced <---- Load right after Raider Overhaul WIP
Realistic Death Physics
Realistic Ragdoll Force
Real Leather HD
Real Troughs

Realistic Pool Balls
Remote Explosives
Repaired Sanctuary Roofs
Rockin Red Rocket
RU556 - Assault Rifle
Rusty Face Fix
Salvage Beacons
Scouter & (Scouter AWKCR)

Scrap Annoying Things
Scrap Dead Things
Scratchmade - New Double Barrel Shotgun Textures
Scratchmade - New Combat Shotgun and Rifle Textures
Settlement Management Software
Settlement Menu Manager
Settlement Keywords
Settler Sandbox Overhaul
Settlement Radar Station
Shaikujin's Better Warming For Settlements Being Attacked
Shell Rain
Shielded Settlers
Silky Smooth Skin <--- If going to use, should be installed after Nuclear Nude CBBE  but before Valkyr Female FACE textures O N L Y!
Sim Settlements Foundation Add-on
Sim Settlements IDEK's Logistics Station
Sim Settlements Industrial Revolution
Sim Settlements JtBryant Foundations
Sim Settlements JtBryant's Utilities

Sim Settlements Leader Pack Fusion City Patch
Sim Settlement Mega Pack Year One
Sim Settlements Rise of the Commonwealth
Sim Settlements Ted's Leader Pack

Singing Settler & (AKA Singer Wardrobe)
Sirius Armor <--- Not compatible with Sirius .16 Assault Armor. Pick one or the other.
Slavery - Raider Edition
Small Heavy Guns
Smokable Cigars
Snappy HouseKit
Sofa Surfer
Solar Panels
Spawn Settler Button <--- Use if you have a problem with settlers in Conquest.
Spawn Settler Button for Sim Settlements <--- Use if you have a problem with settlers using Sim Settlement functions. Might cause blackface error. Goes away after you disable the mod.
Sporty Underwear
Spotlight Fix
Stackable Brick Wall Foundations
Stackable Concrete Foundations
Standalone Weapons - AWKCR Patches
Stocked Vendor Counter Display Cases
Suitdreams - Sexy Female Clothes Pack CBBE
Survival Options <---- Not compatible with Everyone's Best Friend
Survival Outfit Collection CBBE
Survival Quick Save - No Sleep Till Bedtime
T-49 Armor of the Storyteller - Must be loaded before Beantown Interiors Project
Tactical Armor
Tactical Flashlights & (Settings, Armorsmith Patch) OR Pip-Boy Flashlight (DON'T USE BOTH!)
Take Cover
Tao's Catsuits
TERA Nurse Uniform
TERA Rogue Outfit
Terrifyer - Ghouls
The AEAR-1
The Assault Flamer <---- Not compatible with The Laser Cannon
The Body of Alice<--- If going to use, should be installed after Nuclear Nude CBBE  but before Valkyr Female FACE textures O N L Y!
The Frying Pan
The Kite's Militia Women Outfit
The Stirmgewehr 44
The Laser Cannon <--- Not compatible with The Assault Flamer
Tidy Settlers
Towbie's Realistic Weapon Sounds <---Not compatible with Battlefield 1 Animation Pack
Turrent Stands
Uncapped Settlement Surplus
Unique Prefabs
Valentine Reborn
Vault 111 Overseer Armor
Vault 81 Molerat Disease Immunity
Vault Alternative Suits
Vault Booty
Vault Girl Bobbleheads
Vault Girl Icon
Vault Girl Main Menu
Vault Girl Perk Tree
Vault Girl Stats Animations
Valkyr Female Face and Body Textures <--- See instructions below on how to install.
Value per Weight Indicator <--- Must be installed after Def_UI
Vault Plus
Vault - Tec Workshop Overhaul
Videos of the Wasteland & (VotWspecialVideos.esp, VotWstarlightDriveIn.esp)
Vintage Submachine Gun
Visible Companion Affinity
Visible Galaxy 4k & 2k
Vivid Fallout - All in one
Wall Pass
Walther P99 <--- Must be loaded before Drunken Gnomes
Wasteland Clothing Pack
Wasteland Creatures Redone
Wasteland Fashion CBBE & (WastelandFashionAccessories.esp)
Wasteland Salon
Wasteland Sniper
Wasteland Ventures 2
Wastelander's XM2076
Weapon Jiggle Remover
Weapon Rack Extended
Wearable Dogtags
Wearable Postman Shoulder Bag or Backpack
Wetness Shader Fix
Woody's Wasteland Stuff
Working Food Planters
XOF Armor Pack
ZGC Atom Cats Girl Outfits


This is a CBBE Build. In order to get the meshes to work correctly, your install order should be as followed. CBBE -> CBBE Head Fix -> Nuclear Nude CBBE -> Valkyr Female FACE textures O N L Y!  Any other way of installing the body and faces meshes / textures might lead to the black face error. DEF_UI must be installed before Crafting Workbenches. Fusion City Rising must be installed after Eli's Armour Compendium. HUD Framework needs to be installed after DEF_UI.

Add the following lines to your "Fallout4Custom.ini" file located in "Documents\My Games\Fallout4":



Add the following lines to your "Fallout4Prefs.ini" file located in "Documents\My Games\Fallout4":


Add the following lines to your "Fallout4.ini" file located in "Documents\My Games\Fallout4":



Q & A.
Q: There is a mod I use, that is very popular and is used to fix bugs. Why is it not in this build?
A: Unfortunately, I found that the mod you are talking about, seems to conflict with many mods. It was one of the primary reasons I would CTD. I have used the mod many times and never had a problem with other builds. However, when putting the mod under the microscope there is a problem. Does the author know about the problem? It's either a fatal error leading to CTD or a false flag. Without dissecting the mod, I have noway to know for sure. So, I just removed it. If you really want to use the mod, I recommend you make sure it's at the top of the load order.

Q: Are all the mods listed above required?
A: No. The only mods required are the ones that are listed in the requirement section under "Required Mods and their Load Order" You will notice that some of the mods I require are not required by the File Header of my patch. You can remove some mods that are not tied to the file header, but by doing so, some of the edits in my patch are based on using all of my Required Mods. By not using all, you increase your risk of CTD.

Q: I loaded your required mods, started a new game and it's just sitting at the load screen.
A: Sometimes when using mods and starting a new game, Fallout 4 will sit at the load screen. The screen will be black with the green little icon doing it's business on the bottom right. Hitting enter a couple of times seems to fix this. Not sure why this works, but it seems to be a bug in Vanilla not the mods.

Q: My favorite mod is not on the list
A: I went through all trending files of all time and of the last six months. I removed anything that had critical errors when put under the microscope. Then I removed all mods that had minor errors. Minor errors usually doesn't mean CTD, but, it ups the probability. I was left over with about 300 mods. I kept changing the orders around and found that some mods just don't play nice with others. I removed them and got the list above.

Q: I really want to use True Storms. Is there a way?
A: Yes. You need to use Weather Synergy. Make sure you use VividPriority. Follow their suggested load order and it will work. Giving you the best of both worlds.

Q: Can I use Fr4nsson's Light Tweaks with this build?
A: Yes, just make sure Fr4nsson's Light Tweaks is loaded before Enhanced Lights and FX.

Q: Why are some enemies just heads or invisible?
A: Most likely you are using a mod that requires Bodyslide and you didn't build the meshes as required. You can use a search engine to find tutorials on using Bodyslide.

Q: I prefer Fr4nsson's Light Tweaks over Enhanced Lights and FX. Is there a way to use Fr4nsson's?

A:. Yes. Load Fr4nsoon's Light Tweaks after Enhanced Lights and FX.

Q: Can I add mods I like

A: Sure, but I can't guarantee it will be a stable build then.

Q: What do you mean stable?
A: I did a speed run through to see if it crashed constantly. I would return to places that it would crash a lot and find the mods that were responsible. I removed them. I would then do a stress test spawning anything I could to see if it would CTD after awhile. If so, I would try to find the mod that might be responsible and remove it. I would load mods during a save game and see what that did. I would make sure I could at least start the main quests and important side quests. After several months of this and rebuilding the patch, this is what is left over.

Q: Is there a certain way to install graphical mods?
This usually varies by user but I prefer manual. I don't mind my mods overwriting some hi-rez textures. I would prefer low-rez in certain places and stability, then hi-rez and CTD. To try to get the best performance per look, that's a little trickier. Recommended Guide.

For Low End computers, Fallout 4 - Texture Optimization Project -> Optimized Vanilla Textures -> Fallout 4 Enhanced Color Correction -> Grafix Texture Overhaul ->Vivid Fallout Best Performance -> OJO Bueno Texture Pack Vanilla Plus

Medium End computers, Fallout 4 - Texture Optimization Project -> Optimized Vanilla Textures -> Fallout 4 Enhanced Color Correction ->  Grafix Texture Overhaul -> PHYOP  Overhauled Optimized Textures Performance ->  Vivid Fallout Best Choice -> Langley's HD Textures Workshop ->Falconoil's HD Retexture Project 1K Version -> Fallout Texture Overhaul Moons 1k -> Fallout Texture Overhaul Stars 1k -> OJO Bueno Texture Pack Performance -> Wasteland Creatures Redone ->  NMC's Texture Bundle Medium

High End computers, Fallout 4 - Texture Optimization Project -> Optimized Vanilla Textures -> Fallout 4 Enhanced Color Correction ->  Grafix Texture Overhaul -> PHYOP  Overhauled Optimized Textures non Performance-> Vivid Fallout 2K -> Langley's HD Textures Workshop ->Falconoil's HD Retexture Project Performance -> High Resolution Texture Pack 2k -> Fallout Texture Overhaul Moons 2k -> Fallout Texture Overhaul Stars 2k -> Delightful Ivy -> Better Quarry Sites ->OJO Bueno Texture Pack High  ->NMC's Texture Bundle High -> Real Leather 2K -> Fallout Texture Overhaul Power Armors 2k -> Wasteland Creatures Redone -> Crows and Creatures

Ultra End Computers, Fallout 4 - Texture Optimization Project -> Optimized Vanilla Textures -> Fallout 4 Enhanced Color Correction ->  Grafix Texture Overhaul -> PHYOP  Overhauled Optimized Textures non Performance-> Vivid Fallout 4K -> Langley's HD Textures Workshop ->Falconoil's HD Retexture High Quality Pack -> High Resolution Texture Pack 4k -> Fallout Texture Overhaul Moons 4k ->Fallout Texture Overhaul Stars 4k -> Delightful Ivy ->  Better Quarry Sites ->OJO Bueno Texture Pack Ultra->NMC's Texture Bundle Very High -> Real Leather 4K -> Fallout Texture Overhaul Power Armors 4k -> Wasteland Creatures Redone -> Crows and Creatures

Other Files to consider, FPS Dynamic Shadows, Faraway Area Reform, Ammo Retexture, Visible Galaxy 4k & Insignificant Object Remover

Q: I really want to cheat

A: Use console commands.

Q: I want unlimited build limits and build as high as the sky.
A: Great, prepare for many CTD

Q: Why Sim Settlement but not Horizon?
A: Horizon is a fantastic mod. However, it does not play well with others and should only use the mods that the author created patches for. I highly recommend you do a play through with Horizon. Sim Settlements because you don't need to use it if you want. You can still build the old fashion way or use many great features Sim Settlements has to offer.

Q: Anything I should know about your build?
A: Yes. Some graphical glitches, most likely due to the engine and not the mods. Fallout 4 is prone to CTD in Vanilla. Even knowing this build is for Survival game-play, I still use Quick Save manager. ENB settings can be used. I recommend using the ENB Memory Patch. How you use Spring Cleaning can cause some weird graphical glitches. If you are using Rise of the Commonwealth. I recommend you don't use Spring Cleaning until after you assign a leader and you don't use it on grass. Just clutter, trees and junk. When downloading a mod that I require, always pick the non script level list version when given a choice. For compatible mods, always pick script level list version when given the choice.

Q: What is the files in the brackets above?
A: Some mods install more than one esp. What's in the brackets is to let you know what other files I used besides the core file. If you don't see the esp above when you install a mod that has multiple plugins, it's because it's not necessary after you use my patch or the other esps had issues, while the core file didn't.

Q:Does Conquest work with Sim Settlements?
A: Conquest and Sim Settlements can coexist but they don't work together due to how Conquest is scripted. When using Conquest, you will need to build the settlements the old fashion way.

Q: I want to use different settings then you.
A: Just rename the esp. For example, Live Action Handy - With GlowMap.esp will need to be renamed to Live Action Handy.esp

Q: My settlers keep getting killed, this is BS.
A: I think it adds a more immersive gameplay. However, there is a workaround. You are going to need Forcefiled Protection which is a required mod and The God Pistol. Use the console command, "help field 4" and pick the Mark 7 non power armor version. Use the console command again, "help god 4", and get the weapon ID number. Then use the "player.giveitem (id number) 1" or whatever. You can mod the gun to make it even more powerful. Give your settlers the gun and forcefield. They should be unstoppable then. Don't forget to have your settlers equip the items.

Q: What is your computer build so I can better guess what textures and how many mods I should be using?
i7-2700k 3.5GHZ
32GB of Ram
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070
Windows 10
Game is installed on a WD 10k RPM Raptor Drive

Q: Will you be adding more mods and other patches?
A: Yes, working on another one as we speak

Q: I've done everything you asked. Download all the mods. Have the load order similar to yours. Used you patch and still constant CTD.
A: That sucks. I don't mean to be callous but there are so many reasons for this. Your graphics setting are too high. One of the graphical packs you installed had a bad install, texture, mesh, etc... Something  that you are running in the background like a virus protection program is eating up all your memory. Or, and you know it's coming, you are using another mod that is not on the list, hell bent on using it and it's not playing well with the others but don't want to tell me, hoping I will problem solve it for you.

Q: I have a super computer! How dare you mention the above, like my graphics settings are too high.
A: Maybe your computer doesn't like me and doesn't want my patch to work on your computer. I would recommend you have a talk with your computer and get to the bottom of it!

Q: No, I swear, I have done everything you asked and still constant CTD.
A: When using ESP and ESM, the game can only handle 256 mods. If you installed every mod that you could that is compatible with this patch, you might have exceeded your limit. If that is not the case, try to load without my patch and see if that helps. If yes, then your load order is messed up or you just got a bad download. Re-download the patch. If none of that helped, most likely you forgot to add something to your INI file as requested by this mod and others, or you forgot to download something that is required by the mods above.

Q: Still getting CTD is there anything else I can do?
A: Yes, it's a tedious process but the best process to get rid CTD's for good, or severely limit them. You will need F04Edit and The Manual. It's an older manual but the rules still apply. So, it will be helpful. You are going to clean every mod. How to clean mods is described in the manual. This must be done one by one and the last mod on the list is the one you are always cleaning. Meaning, you need to actually load each mod one by one and clean them.

For example, you would load the game, the DLC then Mod 1. Clean mod 1, save and move on. Load the game, DLC, Mod 1 and Mod 2. Clean mod 2, save and move one. Keep doing this until all your mods have been cleaned. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT load all your mods and then clean them all in one session. This will just create more CTD and ruin your build.

After all this, if you are still experiencing high CTD. You just have a bad build. You can check mods for errors. Once again, the manual explains how. All problematic mods should be removed. To clean DLC or not to clean DLC, that is the question. This is personal preference. I never have, but some people swear it helps stabilize the game. Make sure you follow someone's load order or you have BOSS or LOOT do your load order for you. Not having the right load order is one of the biggest culprits for CTD.

Q: Help, I removed mods and added some others and now my save game is bugging out.
Fallout 4 seems to be the worse Bethesda game when it comes to changing or even upgrading mods with a current save game. It's extremely annoying but you have two options. Open the Sim Settlement management screen. Go to Tools --> Configuration Tools and then click on Rebuild Local Data. This will reset your mod scripts. After three in game days, you game has a good chance of no longer bugging out. If that doesn't work.

If you know which mod(s) might be bugging out. Remove said mods, enter you game, move to a new location. Save. Remove and reinstall the problematic mods. Load your game, move to a new location and save. After three in game days, you game might not bug out anymore.