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Because you use doors a lot in Fallout 4, and you deserve for them to sound realistic.

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I think I figured out why oil is so hard to find in Fallout 4, apparently someone's been using it on all the doors!

Rusty doors squeak, it's 
something Bethesda largely overlooked. Sound design goes a long way to help create the isolated and foreboding atmosphere that this game tries to achieve, but I think the developers missed the mark in some areas. That's why I made this, to help generate an ominous tone to the Commonwealth. This mod replaces the opening and closing sound for the most common types of doors so they actually sound like they were abandoned for hundreds of years.

  • There is an optional version with quieter sliding metal doors.


Either install with your preferred mod manager or place the contents in your Data folder


This mod should be 100% compatible with everything. I haven't seen any mods that also replace door sounds so there shouldn't be any issues, even with mods that also affect doors. This mod goes very well with Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul.

If you like this mod endorse it, it took me many hours to edit all the sounds. You also might want to track it because I plan on adding more door sound effects in the near future.