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Move that workbench makes it possible to move the main workbench in all settlements where you want inside the green borders. Will work on absolutely all, even custom added settlements as long as they use the vanilla workshop.

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Move that workbench makes it possible to move the main workbench in all settlements where you want inside the green borders. Will work on absolutely all, even custom added settlements as long as they use the vanilla workshop.

Requires Automatron, FarHarbor and Contraption DLC's.

I often got annoyed by the workshop that just stood there not beeing able to move it at all, this hinders building some places and i decided to fix it.
This mod is simple, it makes workshops in settlements movable.

Update 1.5 BETA:

Bug fixes.
Made it impossible to store the workbench
Made everything change through a script instead of directly on the reference.
Everything is applied on a Quest Alias now.
The script also adds a lot to the Budget of each settlement ( default: 4000000 Tris, 40000 Draws ) No need for console or an extra esp to make this work

This means that It might will not be incompatible with mods that add budget via esp, the script will add the unumbers stated above to that value.

I have not gotten a chance to test all settlments yet, I simply do not have the time to do that.

I have more plans to extend the features I have added and add even more features, but I decided to release a simpler version first without the awsome stuff because the awsome features I am working on takes abit more time.


what's the difference between using this mod over Movable workshop workbench by bro?

In the latest version I made use of Reference Aliases through a quest to apply a script, this means that I more or less do not apply anything directly to any vanilla item ingame, all is applied with a script realtime. This should also make it less troublesome to remove the mod if you wish it so.
I also added an increase to building budget to all Settlements.

His mod modifies the workstation references on each location, i modify the main workstation container.

Also the bugs reported are not present in my version. I did not know there was one until after i made mine, so I made sure I did not have the same or else I would not have uploaded it. 

Cell Reset bug?
No, my mod does not alter worldspace, so cell reset should not be a problem, if you have it, it probably persist from another mod.

Can I build a new Workshop too?

After Version 1.5 you cannot unless you cheat your way to a dummy perk that I use to make this less likely to happen. It is possible to add the feature to build a new workbench, but the ammount of linked references connected, it is not adviced to do this realtime, a new workshop will not automatically get all it needs to operate in an area, it needs to be connected to the local container, linked primitives etc.

Is it possible to scrap the workshop by accident?
Yes and No, it is not possible by using the default "R" button to scrap it I added a unscrappable keyword to the workshop, making the choice to scrap it greyed out. There have been reports that the console command "scrapall" removes it regardless of this flag, this is something I cannot do anything about, the console overrides everything. 

CanI store the worksbench, what happens if I do this?

After Update 1.5 this is no longer a problem. In the script I linked the workshop to itself with a keyword called "WorkshopItemKeyword" and added a recipe requirement with a dummy perk, that never will be assigned to the player unless you as a player choose to do that...for some reason.

So you are now using a script, does this mean your mod is unsafe now?
It is good to be sceptical when it comes to scripts, at least after some of Skyrims tragic mods that added so many OnUpdate() Events that the whole papyrus system slowed down with all the threads running. However, my script do not use any loops, it only fires when you first activate a workbench to apply values using the Event OnWorkshopMenu().

After it has fired off this event, it goes straight to a Script State that applies keywords and actor values required for it to work, then goes back to empty state, which is the default state for all scripts that do not use states. It also has a local bool variable that stores a true/false wether the script has applied values to given ReferenceAlias and acts on that. If you have activated it already, it will not pass through it again.

Also used Modvalue() function instead of SetValue() because it is more thread friendly, however, my script is not big enough to talk many threads.
You can see the source script below if you want to see how it is.
(Sorry, the Code snippet did not keep my Indent/Outdent formats etc, so it's a little hard to read the way it is here.)

Hey! The budget is not applied the first time I open my workbench menu after installing your mod!!
Yepp! The budget is applied real time at OnWorkshopMenu(abStart), this means that you need to exit the menu and enter again, after this, you have your extra budget applied. Rejoice!

So, when will I get this on my Xbox One/PS4?
First I test this with the PC users, it's easier to talk to the community on the nexus than with people that play on the consoles.
I want to make sure the mod works fine on one platform first before I spit it out on another.


Well, I have tested a few settlements, traveled back and forth, moving the workshops and building stuff. 
Also checked trade routes, they did not stop working as I had a bitch pile full of scrap to build with in the smalles settlements i tried this on and those trade routes was established long before i even did this.

Have tried placing the workshop around different places in different settlements...On roads, inside houses, on top of a roof, in the dirt, in deep water ( no, just joking, why do you want a workshop there anyway?) you get the point I have tried and tested this without error.


A mod review by Ma Doo Gun


Spring Cleaning - Compatible
Settlement Supplies Expanded - Compatible
Homemaker - Expanded Settlements  - Compatible
Simple Intersection - Compatible
Scrap Everything - Compatible

Movable Workshop - Not Compatible

In General not recommended mod due to it's buggy nature:
I suggest you do not use Build High or Build in Red simply because I do not know the concequences of putting the workshop outside the designated zones assigned by the developers. Right now the cell reset bug is the concequence.

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