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Lowers your weapon automatically when not in combat

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This mod was inspired by Button Lowered Weapons and Lowered Weapons.
I like the concept of lowering your weapon and I decided to do my own take on it.

This mod uses a script to automatically lower your weapon when you are not in combat. By default it's configured to have a delay of 3 seconds before lowering your gun, you can change this by editing the mod in the CK.


The mod will lower your weapon after 3 seconds in this situations:
- After shooting/bashing with your gun.
- After aiming with your gun.
- After equipping your gun.
- After reloading your gun.
- After sprinting.
- After exiting cover. (This one doesn't have a delay, it will lower it instantly)
*Basically after anything that I could find that will raise your weapon.

While you are in combat the mod will pause and your weapon will stay raised like vanilla, once you exit combat it will resume it's functionality.

The mod only works in 1st person, if you are in 3rd person it will not do anything. Why? Because vanilla Fallout 4 already lowers your weapon in 3rd person after some seconds using the GameSetting fGunPlayerRelaxedWaitTime. This mod does not touch that setting, but you can edit it using the CK to change the delay before lowering your gun on 3rd person. I've personally changed it to 0.5 in my game.