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Settlements too noisy? This mod reduces the volume of generators, turrets, and other settlement sounds. Choose different volumes for different sounds.

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April 2020 Modpack Note:  Authors have permission to include this mod in modpacks if the source is credited.

Quieter Settlements

Tired of the noise in your settlements? Generators and turrets too loud? A settler won't stop hammering the same broken fan? Quiet them down!

Original mod by Lemures.
Updated mod developed by CAPGames. (Thanks CAPGames!)


Quieter Settlements reduces the volume of generators, turrets, and other settlement sounds. Choose different volumes for different sounds. Most sounds have the following volume options: Original, 50%, 25%, 10% (Recommended), Silent.

Sounds Changed:
- Generators
- Turrets
- Hammering
- Water Purifiers
- Fusion Generators
- Conveyors
- Hoppers
- Pitching Machine
- Builders
- Sorters

June 24th, 2016 v0.30 Update:

"Version 0.30 has been revamped by converting the mod as a Fallout 4 plugin (.esp) and is now quicker and easier to update than the previous method, but most importantly, reduces the file size dramatically. It has been made using only Creation Kit and should allow compatibility for Console players.
Anyone using 0.10 or 0.20 will need to completely remove those versions before loading the game. this can be done before or after installing 0.30" - CAPGames

(CAPGames has hinted at an exciting addition to this mod that he may be able to work in, and it has made me genuinely excited for my upcoming academic break so I can try it all out myself. Stay tuned!)

Mod Organizer 2 Users:

MO2 installation issues should be resolved at this time, though there have been reports in the past of the installer freezing during the installation process. Setting the Fomod Installer plugin to "Prefer: False" under the "Settings > Tools" section for the duration of the install has been reported to work around this issue. You can return the setting to "True" after the installation. Thank you to Destynova99 for identifying and resolving this issue.

June 21st, 2016 v0.20 Update:

Special thank you to CAPGames for updating this for the Wasteland Workshop DLC and the Contraptions DLC in my absence. All credits to him for adding in the Wasteland Workshop DLC and Contraptions DLC audio files for me and updating the NMM installer.

Regarding Future Updates:

At present, I am focusing heavily on my academics. Though I can still be reached, CAPGames is happy to update this mod in my absence. If there are any suggestions for updates to Quieter Settlements please message him on NexusMods.com.

Compatibility Notes:

This mod was made by producing different volume versions of the relevant .xwm and .wav sound files. FO4snip was not used. I do not create compatibility patches for other mods for two reasons: One, it takes a surprisingly large amount of time to add a sound to this mod, and two, if a mod uses a custom sound, that sound is not my property to modify and re-release. If a mod author wishes to work with me on a compatibility patch for this mod, I am open to speaking with them.

Version Info:

0.31 JUNE 25 2016
- Added 10% settings for Wasteland - for got to add this
- Condenced the mod
- made an AIO Recommended Settings as an optional download - this requires Wasteland Workshop DLC and Contraptions DLC

0.30 JUNE 24 2016
- Converted mod to Plugin and reduced file size significantly
- Added volume settings for Builders
- Added volume settings for Sorter success ding
- Added volume settings for Sorter success eject sound
- Added volume settings for Conveyor Lift Shudder sound
- Added option to choose 10% volume setting for all Conveyor machinery

0.20 JUNE 22 2016
- Added reduced sound for Fusion Generators (Wasteland Workshop DLC)
- Added reduced sound for Conveyors, Hoppers &  Pitching Machine (Contraptions DLC)

0.10 NOV 25 2015
- Base mod by Lemures (Affected Generators, Turrets, Hammering, and Water Purifiers.)