About this mod

Handmade textures in 4K, 2K and 1K ver. All the textures are redone - even some meshes (.nif) and materials (.bgsm). This is a work in progress, so expect it to grow!

Permissions and credits
"The idea of a single texture mod covering the entirety of Fallout 4,
created to faithfully enhance the original artistic style of the game in great detail,
seems to me extremely compelling and motivating.
Let's help make Fallout 4 a game of 2019 standards!".


New Version 4.2 June 2024 
Compatible with 1.10.984 and older

*** 1.10.984 loads my BA2 faster ***
(Please read Installation Sections Instructions before asking questions)
See the changeLog for details about updates.
Voir le ChangeLog pour les détails des mises à jour.

This mod is my contribution to the Nexus. I'm French, so sorry for my english.
Si vous voulez parler français, ce sera avec plaisir !



A Total Handmade fromscratch texturing (Except certain circumstances). All New diffuse (_d),
specular/gloss (_s) and normal (_n). For some sets i totally recreate the High
Poly meshes for a total baking of maps.
This is a Lore-friendly mod, so I try to matchas close as possible the vanilla ones. Exception can be possible but you
can judge by yourself.

The mod is clearly intended to be a vanillafriendly HD re-texture. It's made by proportion and visual judgment, so of
course a huge object like a big machinery will not have the same maps
resolution as a little trashcan. By the way, in this example, the machinery
have a 4K set of maps and the trashcan have a 2K (while vanilla's one are
respectively 1K for both).

This mod is created around 3different packages :

1 - The "4K" which is the nerve of this mod. It contain the highest resolution maps (4K for the most) for High End Computers.
2 - The "2K"  Most of actual computers should be able to handle it.
3 - The "1K" requested by Low End PC users. 1K textures only.

I can modify certain texture for more visual improvement ;)

As I’m not able to spend a bunch of time on the mod, I decided to not upload Fomod for new updates. So for now, there will be ESP/BA2
Files section now contain all new version of the files, all edited with 2024’s FO4 needings.
So please read installation section below. 

And I’ll not be able to screen every texture, it’s a huge time consuming. So perhaps you’ll see new screens, perhaps not. I’ll totally support community screens by adding them into the gallery 😊

INSTALLATION Understanding :

4K package is splitted into Parts, because Fallout4cannot load ESP/BA2 packages larger than ~4Gb. So you need to install each
parts for the Full mod. 

INSTALLATION Instructions :

Activate Mods with "Easy Enable Mods Script":

I recommend to you to use this mod : Easy Enable Mods Script to enable mods (if it's not already done).

If you have already installed my precedentpackages, you have to uninstall or manually delete files as they are outdated.
Fomod isn’t available anymore (possible comeback if I find time), so I give no more instructions.
You always can manually handpick data byextracting BA2 archives and making your own.

For ESP BA2 Manual Installation extract .7z archive and manually copy files (BA2 and ESP) to your fallout data folder.
Overwrite if needed. Then, activate the ESP plugin in your Mod Manager.

For ESP BA2 Auto Installation , I recommend using Vortex (or your own choice) which will do it automatically for you, by
installing the BA2 and ESP files and activating the ESP plugin.
If you do not use Vortex, you certainly know what you’re doing.

For Loose files Installation , download the archive(s) in "Optional section" and extract into your Fallout 4 “data” directory.

- Notice that you can delete textures you don't want, nothing bad will happen. But, if meshes and/or materials are
depending on texture you delete, you need to delete them too. Refer to
"log" section.

DISCLAMER : For ESP BA2 to work properly, youHAVE TO delete EVERY previous loose files, as the game load loose files in priority. 


Vortex Uninstallation will do the work properly.


COMPUTER Performance Definition, stats from 2020

High End Computer : Means an "cannot bye it because it's too expensive" aka ~ i7 7700K / 32Go DDR / SLI GTX1080Ti 8Go / SSD 500Gb / Acer Predator 34"
Middle End Computer : "More cheaper and ready for 2K package" aka Ryzen 1700 / 8Go DDR / AMD RX480 4Go / SSD 128Gb / 1080* screen.
Low End Computer : "What you want as long it support DirectX 11" aka Pentium G4560 / 4Go DDR / AMD RX460 2Go / HDD 200Gb / 19" screen



Textures added in 4.2 update in Orange :


NEW Numerous texture fixed
NEW New Bricks01 texture !
NEW Bricks01trim redone.I decided to remove angle damages for the moment.
NEW Sportscar02_Rust normal map added !
NEW AirportCeiling
NEW AirportFloor
NEW AirportJetway (01 to06)
NEW AirportPanels
NEW AirportRoof 
NEW AirportSign 
NEW AirportTower
NEW AirportTrim (01 to 03) 
NEW AirportWall (01 to 04) 
NEW PrimeGantry (01 to 05) 
NEW MetalpanelsResidential
NEW HitTechMetalCanopy (02)
NEW HitTechBronze
NEW HitTechFloorMetal
NEW HitTechFullPanels (01 to 08)
NEW HitTechGreebs
NEW HitTechGlass
NEW DebrisGroundTile (remade)
NEW HitTechLargePanels (01 to 08)
NEW HitTechMetalCeiling
NEW HitTechMetalDetails (01 to 04 and Alpha)
NEW HitTechMetalLobby (01 to 06)
NEW MetalPanelGrid (02 to 08)
NEW RustStain (01 to 15)
BHMarbleTile (01 and 03)
Tires (all)
MetalSheets (01, 03 and 04)
CorrugatedMetal (01, 02, 03, 04 and 05)
Waterpumps (Medium and Large)
Generators (small, medium and Large)
StoneWall01 (standard and decal)
WorkbenchWeapons (Blue metallic and handmaded)
Cage Mesh
Cage Metal
WareHouse Concrete
Lounge Chair
WareHouse MainDoor Large
Bus Updated
ResAwning Fabric (01, 02, 03 and 04[Differents colors])
Sidewalk Concrete
WindowSheetDeco (Exterior building windows)
Warehouse Windows
Bricks Updated
Rusted Cars COMPLETE, contain :
Coupe01 (Postwar and Rust)
PickUpTruck a and b (Postwar and Rust)
Sedan01 (Postwar and Rust)
Sedan02 (Postwar and Rust)
Sportscar01 (Postwar and Rust)
Sportscar02 (Postwar and Rust)
StationWagon a, b and c (Postwar and Rust)
VaultTecVan (01a, 01b and 02a)
RedRocket COMPLETE (or almost), contain :
RedRocket Int Floor (exterior mechanic system,door, button)
RedRocket Concrete
RedRocket Exteriors (01, 02, 03, 04 and 05)
RedRocket Wall
RedRocket RoboFillup (standalone Fast CoolantRecharge Station)
RedRocket Floor 01 and 02 (green tiles)
Building Wood Floors
Building Bricks
Bridge Concrete Alpha (alpha textures likerails, floor grids, X support etc)
Bridge Concrete Details (all concretesurfaces)
Bridge Copper
Bridge Metal
Bridge Concrete (walls for support as i seenand certainly others things)
bridge EdgeTrim (all cracked angles)
Building TrimDamage (all inner wood partsinside destructed walls, also stairs and frames)
Concrete HWTrim (for many exterior walls,supports, trims)
Concrete Retaining Wall (same as precedent butfor more large surfaces)
Metal Industrial Beams COMPLETE (largeexterior supports, especially industrial)
Large Brick Wall (exterior walls forresidential buildings)
Metal door industrial COMPLETE (blue, red andwhite)
Metal door industrial Huge COMPLETE (red andwhite)
Metal Panel Full COMPLETE (all colors andstyle) for many backboards like in bathrooms.
Plaster (for interior destructed buildingwalls and more)
Sign Wicked Shipping (both Wicked Shippinglogo for shop and trucks)
Truck COMPLETE (alllll Truck texturesincluding "Hulk" destructed one) Was a lot of work.
Truck Trailer COMPLETE (again, alllll trailertextures including all color variants)
Metal Industrial Building Pipes COMPLETE (allvariant : Metal, BlueGreen, Bronze, Red, Rust, White, and both inflow)
Subway Floors (both 1x1 and 2x2 tile bricksfloor)
Subway Pipes
Subway Tiles (all color variants Red, blue,green and orange)
Subway Tracks (both "clean" andrusty)
Subway Gate (take a look next time you jumpabove those useless gates ;) )
Subway Light (yeah those lights were too ugly)
Subway Trim (2 textures covering all Trims inSubways for floors, roofs, walls, pillars etc)
Subway Walls (all different walls and theirtrims for the whole subway interiors. 4 Textures.)
SW Brick (cover some different neededsurfaces)
Trash Piles (all different trash, piles,debris ground for exteriors) 4 different texture for the moment, covering a
Metal Utility Door (Blue, red and white)
Wood bed
NukaCola signboard
NukaCherry signboard
Billboards COMPLETE
Circuit breaker
Engine Start
Crate Large COMPLETE
File Cabinet Set
HighTech Wood Table
HighTech Metal Table
HighTech Metal Bench
HighTech Cubicle COMPLETE
Office Couch
RedRocket Pumps
ShackMetalDEXt (Green painted)
ShackMetal Framing
ShippingCrates COMPLETE
Signage Thicket Quarry Excavations
Signage Wilson Atomatoys
Standing Terminal COMPLETE
Subway Doors
Terminal desktop COMPLETE
Truck Tire
VaultBoy Bobblehead Stand
TrafficLight (covers all traffic lights type)
Garage LargeToolBox
Garage Toolbox
ProtectronPod (01, 02 and Freedom)
PlayerHouse StoolBar
PlayerHouse KitchenChair
PlayerHouse Couch
PArig (01 and 02)
ComputerTerminalWall (In English QWERTY andFrench AZERTY ! (fr available in optional download)
GarageWorkBench (01, 02 and tools...all)
GarageCabinet (table, shelf, 3 cabinets...all)
FalloutShelterNEW PaintedWoodDoor (White,Blue, green, Red... all)
Sinks (Toilets, sink, tub, bidet)
WoodFederalistFurniture (used for many itemslike Benchs, Dressers, Cabinet, Stool, Tables and maybe other things)
GarageCart02 (CartDiagnosticGarage)
WrhsMetalCorgYellow (01 and 02... all)
ShackWoodTile (01, 02, blue and greenpainted... all)
ShackPlywoods (01, 02 and 03)
ShackPlanks (used for many wood structures,like the entire Farms, Woodbridges etc)
MetalFloorRidges (used for MetalShelf)
WoodFloor (used for many wood thing such asladders, WoodFloor, RoofFrame etc)
RetailTrims (White/Red/Green/Blue/Remap...all)
ResWindowSheet (all frontal houses Windows)
ResidentialSidings(Dirt/Clean/yellow/White/Red/Remap... all)
NukaColaMachine vanilla friendly version
StreetLamps (Residential, street01, street02)
NukaColaMachine(Not only the exterior but theinterior metal parts too)
FolderpapersFolderpaper's FlaconOil Style
OfficeBox's FlaconOil Style
Safe Wall
Safe Floor

Always More to come !



OnionAddict for her awesome videos about a very cool modded FO4, showing a lot of my textures !

For making visibility of my mod on its own one: raznek34 : NukaWorld - Skip raiding your own settlements

UltimateImmersionn for making those awesome videos of my mod

And certainly a lot more guys who make visibility for my mod in their videos all around social medias ! I love you all !



Some videos in video section, covering up previous version of the mod.
I hope some good friends will cover the new 4.0 of the mod soon !

3 last videos covering from start to last update (3.7part3) version, thanks Onion Addict !

Video covering new textures in 3.7part1 version, thanks UltimateImmersionn Again a big thanks for your awesome work on it !

Video covering up to 3.6 version, thanks to UltimateImmersionn

The First video from NeoAsmodus, covering up to 3.5 Version, thanks for this awesome work :)