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About this mod

Over 100 building plans from throughout the community for Sim Settlements!

Includes 11 brand new building plans that will unlock based on the DLC you have!

Permissions and credits
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Head to SimSettlements.com for more details, and contacting kinggath to talk about the mod!


Requires Version 3.1.5a or Greater of Sim Settlements

Homes: 54
Shops: 9
Defenses: 5
Entertainment: 1
Farms: 18

Interior Residential: 2
Interior Martial: 2
Interior Agricultural: 2
Interior Commercial: 1
Interior Industrial: 2
Interior Recreational: 6

Building Features
Settler Navigation: Yes
Construction Stages: Yes
Randomized Clutter: Yes
Performance Settings: Yes

Over 100 building plans for Sim Settlements from add-on packs and community members created throughout the first year of Sim Settlements, as well as a handful of never before released building plans!

Mega Packs are a new type of Add-on for Sim Settlements that will work seamlessly with existing add-on packs. If an add-on pack that a building plan is from is detected, that add-on pack will be given control of the building plan. This allows us to create merged add-on packs without taking away control from the original author!

Includes all building plans from the following mods - note that uninstalling one of those add-ons will cause your plots that were using them to select a new building plan:

Brian84's Residentials
Jib's Residential Addon
Brae's Defences
Home Improvement AIO
Trailer Park Dreams

Also includes building plans donated by Altairp, Eldarth, Uituit and mytigio.

Bonus buildings are automatically unlocked depending on which combination of DLC and CC content you have installed from BtN and kinggath. Additional bonus buildings may be added in the future. Current bonus buildings include:

3 - Residential Buildings by BtN     No unlocks required!
Franchise Kit by kinggathUnlock Requires Slocum Joe's CC pack
Shooting Range by Brae  Unlock Requires Nukaworld DLC
7 - Residential Buildings by BtN     Unlock Requires Nukaworld DLC, Far Harbor DLC, Automatron DLC, Contraptions Workshop DLC, and Wasteland Workshop DLC

Special Thanks

ohnno for putting in countless hours assembling and merging addons!