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artwork by TheKite


Based on original artwork by THE KITE

The outfit comes as 4 clothing parts: Outfit, Gloves, Hat, and backpack

Every part except for the gloves has some customization.

The hat has a proper male version with full customization, and the Outfit has a male version with reduced customization, so this outfit isn't exclusively for women.

CBBE Bodyslide files are included.

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Craft Armor/clothing items from this mod at a chemlab, or the Cybernetics Lab if you use CROSS_Cybernetic (not required).


The outfit can be customized at any armor bench. Includes the standard under armor mods, as well as additional customization listed below.

Hat options:
Brim: Loose/Tied
Style: Brown/Grey/Gunner(Black)

Outfit options:
Belt: Enabled/Disabled
Style: Blue/Blue short/Grey/Grey short/Gunner/Gunner short (This option works on the male version)
Shirt: Enabled/Disabled
Scarf: Enabled/Disabled
Outfit: Boots Only/Boots and pants(No coat)/Coat and Boots/Coat and pants(barefoot for other footwear mods)/Coat, Boots and Pants

Pack options:
Size: Full Pack with Roll/ Full Pack without Roll/ Small pack Without Roll (Small pack fits skintight outfit)
Style: Brown/Grey/Gunner(black)


Version notes:


-Added a new item: "Militia Woman Overcoat".
--This version of the coat is on the [56] slot, and can be worn with other outfits.
--This overcoat does not have a male version.
--Retains the color customization.
-Fixed an issue with compatibility between some of my other mods.
-Altered the crafting costs.
--Removed Ballistic fiber from everything but the outfit, outfit only requires 1 now.


-Added male version



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