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Adds some high quality wearable dogtags for your character.

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- Simple mod, adds high quality wearable dog tags for your character, inspired by Wolverine's dogtags from X-men Origins Wolverine
- These were made for close-up screenshots so the texture size is a bit overkill for such a small object (2k) for regular gameplay purposes. Regardless, you should be fine unless you're running FO4 on a potato
- These were modeled directly on the body I use, so if your character has boobs the size of the moon or is flat as a board, you might get clipping or the dog tags might be floaty
- Comes in 2 variations: regular and single (see screenshots)
- Craftable at the chem bench for 1 steel
- Uses slot 54, not the neck slot

Regarding male characters:
- As I said, these were made for my character (female), however males should be able to equip these (I haven't actually checked) and even have their own models assigned. The catch is that those models are duplicate female models, so unless your male character has pecs that would make The Rock jealous, these would probably be a bit too floaty to be used for male characters
- I guess rule of thumb is try 'em out, might look good with bulky armors or even by themselves, who knows
- Might actually make properly converted models for males in the future, but I wouldn't hold my breath for it if I were you, I consider mods complete when I upload them

Q: Consoles ?
A: No.

Q: Character ?
A: No.

Q: Mods used in ... ?
A: All or 95% of the mods used in the screens are private, either created from scratch or modified by me. If and when I want to release something, I will, asking about it won't make a difference.

Q: Can you sing me a song ?
A: No ... maybe.


1. Unpack the files into your Fallout 4 Data directory
2. Enable the "dogtags.esp" plugin in your mod manager

Or use NMM to download/install


1. Delete all files that came with this mod


- me
- myself
- and I
- and my mommy