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Do you miss the good old wasteland? Well, then you might be interested in Wasteland Imports; Making Fallout 4 more Fallout by seamlessly adding in items from previous games.
*Formerly known as Mojave Imports.

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • French


I have the regret to announce that there will be no longer active development on Wasteland Imports. Customtemplar and me got tired of Fallout 4 modding (mainly due to lack of motivation recently) and we decided to stop instead of staying in a bad loop of trying to work on Wasteland Imports with the feeling of being obligated to do it.

So, what gonna happen to Wasteland Imports now?
Well, not a lot to be honest. I got some unfinnished work that I would like to implement to WI (at some point), so this means that I might continue to do some little updates (it's a maybe, don't quote me on this), but note that basically, all big features that we were planning to add are canceled.

Concerning Wasteland Imports assets, we're open to sharing them as long as you take the time to ask me (via PM) about it before doing anything. This only concerned assets that we've created, assets that we've got from other mods will need the authorization form their original authors.

If you want complementary informations about what will happen from now, please take a look at my sticky post in the comment section.

On a personnal note, I'd like to thanks everybody who downloaded this mod, supported and helped the development of Wasteland Imports.

Version 1.51
Nuka World, Far Harbor, and Automatron DLCs required.

Release highlights include poisons for melee and unarmed weapons, new throwing weapons, the return of NV's lock forcing mechanic, and some various new consumables.

More detail available in the changelog of 1.51 and on the Wasteland Imports Wikia.

Do you miss the good old wasteland? Well, you might be interested by Wasteland Imports.

Wasteland Imports is an ongoing project that aims to add items and mechanics from previous Fallout games in a seamlessly lore-friendly way into Fallout 4. In addition to that, Wasteland Imports aims to unify the three story DLC (Automatron, Far Harbor and Nuka World) and to re-balance some of the vanilla items in order to cohabit nicely with the new ones. Moreover, this mod also restores some items effects to their FO3/FNV counterpart.
We plan to gradually add new items primaraly from Fallout New Vegas, but also from Fallout 1, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, and Fallout Tactics, including cut content, items that exist in lore and from the unreleased Van Buren.

You can follow our progress here. If there's something in particular you want, just be patient. We're working on it.

You can find information about all the new content added by this mod on the Wasteland Imports Wikia.

Optional plugins:
  • Nuka Cola Cherry's Label: Alternative version of the Nuka Cola Cherry's label.
  • Nuka Cola Quantum's Label: Alternative version of the Nuka Cola Quantum's label (Inspired by FO3/FNV).
  • Purified Water Recipes: Change all recipes (from Wasteland Imports) that use Dirty water to Purified water.
  • Classic Water Bottles: Replace the Purified Water, Dirty Water and Rushing Water with plastic bottles (Inspired by FO3/FNV).

Don't hesitate to make a bug report for any issues you find.
If you have suggestions to improve or balance this mod, we're open to suggestions.
If you encounter some of the new items too often, please report, so we can adjust the loot tables.

This mod is not compatible (and will need a either a dedicated compatibility patch, or a merged or bashed patch) with any mods that edit the same "Leveled Item", "Vendor" or "Container" lists. You can find a detailed list of what Mojave Imports edits here (not up to date) or by taking a peek in xEdit.

This mod is also not compatible with any mods that edit the Medic Perks and will need a compatibility patch in order to work.

Available compatibility patchs:

1. Make sure that mods are correctly enabled 
2. Extract the files into your Fallout 4's Data folder (Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data)
3. Enable MojaveImports.esp in your mod manager or plugins.txt
4. Make or update your merged patch / bashed patch.

More detailed instructions here
If you're not familiar with modding, we recommend you to watch Gopher's playlist Modding Fallout 4

Before removing this mod, make sure you don't have any of the new items in your inventory or any buffs/effects from Wasteland Imports in effect.
After you check that, you can disable MojaveImports.esp and remove the mod.

  • billyro: for his help and contribution.
  • TotalMeltdown: for his suggestions and his help on testing the Skill Magazines.
  • mcface: for his help.
  • Sylom: for his help, his suggestions and the french translation.
  • Sagittarius22: for his help and contribution.
  • DieDad: for his compatibility patch for ARWCSM.
  • lilmoefow: for his compatibility patch for ARWCSM.
  • drb99: for the spanish translation.
  • kkthebeast: for his compatibility patch for Valdacil's Item Sorting.
  • Arcticsns: for the russian translation.
  • MrArc: for allowing us to add DLC Leveled List Integration to Wasteland Imports.
  • RahCreation: for allowing us to edit and add his Nuka Breaker to Wasteland Imports
  • Captain-ultima: for the his models used as reference for the Super Stimpak, Auto-inject Stimpak and Auto-inject Super Stimpak.
  • To everyone who has helped find issues and bugs.

Images used for the NCR Money:Illustration used for the perk magazine "Retention Magazine":
If there is any problem with the usage of this references, please contact me and I will change the corresponding images.

  • 3ds Max Nif Plugin v3.8.0
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Autodesk 3ds Max
  • B.A.E. Bethesda Archive Extractor 
  • Creation Kit 2.0
  • FO4Edit 3.2
  • Intel Texture Works Plugin
  • Material Editor
  • NifSkope 2.0 Pre-Alpha 6
  • Sublime Text 3 + JLundin's Papyrus Plugin