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This mod adds a HUD widget that displays the current game time or real world time.

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An on-screen clock widget.


Time to... tell time!


This mod adds a HUD widget that displays the current game time or real world time.


This mod requires HUDFramework and the Mod Configuration Menu.


Compatible with everything HUDFramework is compatible with.

★ HOW DO I... ★

Q. Move the HUD widget?
A: Use the MCM menu in the Pause menu to adjust the widget's position and size.
Alternatively, you can also use the console command [cqf holotime setpos <x position> <y position>].
Or use the command [cqf holotime modpos <x or y> <value>] to move the widget relative to its current position.

Q. Scale the HUD widget?
A: Same as above. You can also enter the console command [cqf holotime setscale <value between 0 and 1>].

Q. Set the opacity of the HUD widget?
A: Enter the console command [cqf holotime setopacity <value between 0 and 1>].


Companion Status HUD - Companion Stats Widget

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