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A HD retexture of the human teeth found in Fallout 4. Available in 4K, 2K, 1K and 512.

Permissions and credits

This is a tweaked replacer for the human mouth and teeth. This was originally created by urgarulga for Skyrim but I have tweaked the file to fit Fallout 4. Please note that not under any circumstance do I claim this file as mine. All credit goes to the original creator. I merely edited the texture.

This mod includes No More Glowing Mouths by Fadingsignal. This is included at his approval.

NEW IN 6.0
The mod now comes with 4K and 2K options for those who want the best quality! They are the 1K version that has been upscaled by Neural Net software and enhanced in Substance Designer and Photoshop. More details and texture has been added. Screenshots are still representative.

To install this mod I recommend you to download the file with Vortex. The file contains an FOMod installer to choose the version you want.

Q: I don't like them, they look fake and is NOT immersive.

Q: They look great and I want to use them in my mod! May I?

Q: I don't like them, is there other options you recommend on the Nexus.
A:I recommend you to use Distinctive Teeth as an alternative.

Q: Can I upload them to a site outside of Nexusmods or Bethesda.net?
A:Not unless you get written permission from me first. Too many people have stolen my mods in the past.