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Speeds up the text display on terminals

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I find the speed that the text on the terminal screens takes to appear is too slooooooooow, I always find myself just clicking to get it all to show up.
So I've increased it by 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 and 100 times, just download whichever file suits your needs.

Unzip and place the ESP in your Fallout data folder, then either add it to your Plugins.txt file manually, or use one of the growing number of managers that have been uploaded here.

For version 2.0, I've rebuilt the ESPs with the new FO4Edit, still not an official 1st party tool, but maybe better than using the version of TES5Edit/FNVEdit/FO3Edit that existed before Fallout 4's release, which is what I used for version 1.0

And for version 3.0, all the plugins have been made in the Official Creation Kit.


Also available on Beth.net: PC, XBone, PS4


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This mod has been made with the Fallout 4 Creation Kit